Destination Stewardship

Destinations that serve as gateways to our natural resources have been facing more challenges in recent years due to an increase in visitor pressure on the environment and resident quality of life. Many of the CTO's partners from across the state are working to mitigate any negative impacts of tourism while still enhancing and building a strong tourism economy.

The Destination Stewardship department works to support a balance between quality of life for residents and quality of experience for visitors, while enhancing our environment and communities.

Our 3 main goals are:

  • Protect the integrity of Colorado’s natural and cultural resources
  • Advance inclusiveness and pursue ways that Colorado can share a welcoming experience for all travelers
  • Foster a regenerative and community-focused approach to tourism

To achieve these goals, the CTO will develop a new state-wide Destination Stewardship Strategic Plan in collaboration and cooperation with regional industry thought leaders, so that private and public partnerships can be fostered, and existing work across multiple agencies can be built upon. The output of this planning effort will be a statewide destination stewardship strategic plan and eight regional destination stewardship plans created in cooperation with regional thought leaders, industry stakeholders, and residents.

​​​​​​Programs, Initiatives & Opportunities

The Destination Stewardship Strategic Planning Initiative is the CTO's new destination stewardship strategy in collaboration and cooperation with industry thought leaders and stakeholders, state and federal agencies, communities and residents, so that private and public partnerships can be fostered, and existing work across the state can be built upon.

Destination Development supports the economic vitality of the Colorado tourism industry and the quality of life of Colorado residents by developing, enhancing, and managing visitor experience throughout our four-corner state.

Visitor Services oversees 10 Colorado Welcome Centers, located primarily along major entryways to the state and serving just shy of 1 million visitors annually.

Grants and Funding provides funding and support to tourism stakeholders across the state 

Signature Industry Programs

  • Care for Colorado is a coalition of partners across the state that support and strengthen CTO’s effort to share important messaging about preserving and protecting our state’s natural resources.
  • CTO Learning Labs is a free online educational platform aimed at helping tourism professionals and frontline workers sharpen their hospitality skills and build their Colorado tourism expertise.
    • Colorado Concierge provides education for frontline workers to become Colorado experts and grow their Colorado-style hospitality.
    • CRAFT Learning Labs provides education for tourism professionals and destination management organizations on topics such as adventure tourism, agritourism and sustainable tourism.
  • The Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference is the premier educational conference and networking opportunity for Colorado tourism professionals and industry leaders.
  • The Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey is a tuition-based, year-long development and educational program for tourism professionals to advance their careers and strengthen their networks.

Destination Stewardship Staff

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