Rural Opportunity Office

Rural Opportunity Office

The Rural Opportunity Office supports rural communities across Colorado with a focus on supporting manufacturers. The office consists of four rural opportunity representatives that serve eastern, western, northwestern, and southern regions. Each representative lives within the region of the state that they support.

The representatives are responsible for:

Rural Programs and Funding

Colorado Rural Resiliency and Recovery Roadmaps
This program provides technical assistance and grants for regional teams of rural communities to drive economic relief, recovery, diversification and long-term resilience.

Rural Technical Assistance Program
This program helps rural communities create economic development strategies by providing free technical assistance and consulting services.

Rural Jump-Start Program
This program helps economically distressed communities attract new businesses and jobs.

Enterprise Zone Program
This program encourages development in economically distressed areas of the state through tax incentives.

Location Neutral Employment Community Matching Grant
This grant provides marketing funds to help rural areas attract out-of-state companies to create new jobs in their communities.

All Rural Programs and Funding

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Talk to Your Rural Representative

We have 3 rural representatives who live in the regions that they represent. They work closely with economic development offices in their regions to understand and support the differing needs of each area.