CTO Learning Labs

CTO Learning Labs is our free online educational platform which aims to help frontline workers and tourism professionals alike hone their skills and build their Colorado expertise to ensure our visitors feel welcomed and cared for.

The Colorado Concierge program is aimed at frontline tourism workers looking to become a Colorado expert and grow their Colorado-style hospitality. 

The CRAFT Learning Labs are for Colorado destinations and tourism professionals looking to explore the development of tourism strategies. 


Type: Certification, education, and training

For: Tourism professionals

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

NEW! Colorado Concierge Destination Learning Lab Pilot Program

With the statewide need to advance industry workforce, the Destination Learning Lab Pilot Program is a new CTO program that aims to build a community of knowledgeable frontline workers who can ensure a positive experience for your visitors. 

Participants in the pilot program will receive their own destination learning lab on the CTO Learning Labs platform. Selected destinations will be paired with a CTO contractor to create a templated learning lab that will include:

  • Up to 10 pages of customized content
  • Up to 10 quiz questions
  • Images and videos from the destination

Further benefits are available, such as a branded one-sheeter for your frontline workers, translation to Spanish, access to program analytics, and creation of a certificate of completion. 

Program objectives include:

  • increased knowledge of local offerings
  • increased awareness of the value of tourism in your destination
  • increased connection to frontline workers
  • enhanced visitor experience

CTO hosted an informational webinar on 3/14, the recording can be accessed through this link

Eligible applicants include Destination Marketing/Management Organizations (DMMOs). Only one application per Colorado destination organization or Colorado tourism industry association will be accepted for the pilot program.

Applications are closed. Check back this summer for more opportunities! 

Applications are first vetted through an internal compliance review to ensure eligibility and that all responses have been submitted. Incomplete applications may be rejected.

The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) will appoint a committee to review eligible applications. Destinations will be awarded based on application scores, availability, and CTO final approval.

Destination Learning Lab applicants receive decisions in early April.

The committee will score applications on these criteria:

  • strength of application 
  • demonstrated need for the project 
  • capacity to implement and maintain Learning Lab on Thinkific platform 
  • ability to grow user base

The following table outlines the timeline for the projects awarded in 2023.

February 28, 2023 

Application opens

March 28, 2023 

Application closes at 4:00 pm MST

Early April 2023

Recipient notification

April 2023

Recipient paired with CTO consultant

April 2023 - May 2023

Content creation

June 15, 2023 

Learning Lab finalization

Colorado Concierge

Colorado Concierge Training is a free certification for frontline workers to become Colorado experts and grow their Colorado-style hospitality. The training is online at ctolearninglabs.com

The training includes six core learning labs:

  • Colorado Essentials
  • The Care for Colorado Principles
  • Colorado’s Eight Travel Regions
  • Colorado-Style Customer Service
  • Colorado Traveler Safety
  • Inclusive Colorado Culture

and one specialization learning lab:

  • Hunting & Fishing

Users will need to complete all six core learning labs before unlocking the specialization learning labs. More specialization learning labs will roll out in 2023. 

Certified businesses and organizations and individuals also receive the benefits outlined below.

If you’ve taken the time to complete the Colorado Concierge training, take advantage of these new ways to share your achievement with your customers, network, and community.

Benefits include:

If your organization is using the Colorado Concierge program as a training tool, visitors deserve to know. Businesses and organizations are eligible for Colorado Concierge certification.

Colorado Concierge Business Certification

Benefits include:

To qualify for certification, you need to:

  • have 75% of your workforce complete the Colorado Concierge training modules and received a certificate of completion within the last year (if your organization has multiple locations, 75% of all employees for your Colorado locations have completed the training modules)
  • demonstrate that you have incorporated the Colorado Concierge training modules into your onboarding process for new employees
  • complete the Colorado Concierge Recognition Program Application

Current Colorado Concierge Businesses

  • Town of Vail Welcome Centers
  • Bernie's Out West Journeys
  • Molly Brown House Museum
  • Colorado Welcome Center- Mesa Verde
  • Visit Colorado Springs
  • Visit Montrose
  • Visit Ouray

Incorporate Colorado Concierge into your social media outreach

Promote Colorado Concierge through your social media network by pulling content from the five Colorado Concierge training chapters. Pose a safety question to your community or quiz them on a regional fact, and encourage them to complete the full training. Build a plan to regularly remind your destination of the free resource.

Incorporate Colorado Concierge into your onboarding practices

If you are a company, agency or organization the program is a great tool to incorporate into employee onboarding practices, and is helpful for new organizations beginning to build their workplace culture. If you are a destination marketing organization or chamber of commerce, consider including messaging on the Colorado Concierge program during your outreach to new businesses in your area.

Share your success stories with the Colorado Tourism Office to inspire others

If you have found new ways to use Colorado Concierge in your community, spread the message far and wide to your network and let us know. We would like to hear your stories and amplify your experiences. Reach out to the program manager below with your experiences.

CRAFT Learning Labs

CRAFT Learning Labs are free educational learning opportunities for Colorado tourism professionals related to tourism development, promotion, and management. Nine learning labs are available on topics such as adventure tourism, sustainable tourism, and tourism marketing.

You can access the learning labs on Thinkific, our free online learning platform.

Available CRAFT Learning Labs include:

  • Adventure Tourism
  • Bicycle Tourism
  • Champion the Value of Tourism
  • Community-Based Tourism
  • Culinary and Agritourism
  • Cultural and Heritage Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Visitor Readiness

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