Colorado Office of Film Television and Media

Mr. Delmendo’s Kids to premiere on Saturday on PBS 12

DENVER (August 11, 2021) -- “Mr. Delmendo’s Kids”, a documentary short created by students at the Denver School of the Arts under the leadership of Amy McGrath, co-director of the Video Cinema Arts Department, will premiere on PBS 12 on Saturday, August 14 at noon. This documentary short was funded by the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media’s (COFTM) Film Education Grant program

Extraction Production to begin in Grand Junction

Those traveling through Grand Junction and the surrounding area in the next few weeks may run into some not-so-native creatures. The feature film production of Extraction is underway in the Grand Mesa.

Extraction is an action-driven horror film about an elite squad of soldiers who must extract a vaccine from a quarantine zone inhabited by deadly creatures. Filming starts August 1 with both student filmmakers and veterans supplementing a professional cast and crew. 

Deck Nine Games is set to release All-New Game “Life is Strange: True Colors” adventure with Asian American lead

Deck Nine Games, a Colorado-based independent game developer, announced the upcoming release of “Life is Strange: True Colors” for September 10, 2021. The game is the fifth installment in the Life is Strange series --a graphic adventure game played from a third-person view.