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The main goal of the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) PR team is to generate positive national and regional travel and tourism media coverage of the state. The team works with media  for online/digital, print, social  and broadcast coverage. These placements would not be possible without assistance from Colorado industry partners in sending the CTO PR team news and information about their destinations and assisting with hosting journalists. Below is an outline of ways partners can get involved with our earned media efforts.


Type: Public relations promotion

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

This is a monthly newsletter that outlines the CTO’s PR and social media initiatives for the month. From the PR side, it highlights recent media placements, upcoming press release topics, media leads, upcoming media trips and more. Sign up for the PR Hot Sheet monthly newsletter.

The CTO PR team travels to top target markets to host events and one-on-one meetings with members of the media to get Colorado story ideas on their radars. Partners are encouraged to keep the team updated on news for these visits. 

The CTO PR team pitches and hosts about 50 top-tier journalists each year to visit Colorado and experience the state’s offerings firsthand. These journalists are usually on story assignment or have strong story prospects. While the CTO has some budget for these journalists, the PR team relies heavily on industry partners to assist with itinerary planning, meals, lodging and activities. The reward is story coverage.

The CTO typically hosts two media receptions each year to gather industry partners and local Colorado journalists to discuss the state’s latest news and story angles. Each reception is attended by about 20 industry partners and upward of 30 Colorado journalists. The team typically does one reception in the Spring, focusing on Summer news and one reception in the Fall focusing on Winter news. These receptions are a great networking opportunity with the local and regional media. 

Email media@colorado.com to learn more.

The CTO PR team proactively pitches stories about travel trends and news from across the state and appreciates industry partners sending unique story angles, press releases and news on a regular basis. 

You can send unique story angles, press releases, and news. Send pitches to media@colorado.com.

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