Tourism Paid Media Co-op

The Tourism Paid Media Cooperative or Co-op helps Colorado tourism partners maximize their advertising and marketing dollars through group purchasing of media buys. Group purchasing creates discounts, because prices become cheaper when they are purchased at a higher volume. 

The Colorado Tourism Office typically operates a summer and winter campaign. The summer campaign runs from April through the end of September. The winter campaign runs from mid-October through the end of March. You can sign up to participate in one or both of these campaigns.

Under the Come to Life Colorado brand, these paid media plans measure conversions, partner referrals, and awareness through impressions. At the end of a campaign, you will receive a report that measures the co-op’s success against benchmarks.

Program benefits include:

  • access to agency creative services 
  • measurement strategies and tools
  • access to negotiated rates and premium inventory
  • increased savings with multi-channel tiers
  • affordable custom opportunities 
  • existing Colorado Tourism Office brand affinity
  • customized report of your results, with ongoing optimizations
  • traffic driven directly to your website
  • evolved opportunities to reach targeted audience segments and further drive impact and efficiencies
  • Colorado Tourism Office matching funds

Program webinar

The Colorado Tourism Office will host an informational webinar on Wednesday, October 4 at 12:00 p.m. (noon).  Please register for the webinar here


Type: Marketing promotion

For: Tourism partners

Application period:  October 4 - 18, 2023

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

To become eligible you will need to:

  • Identify as a Destination Marketing/Management Organization (DMO).  Non-DMO tourism organizations and businesses are encouraged to apply for our social media co-op program. (please note that State agencies outside of OEDIT are not eligible to participate in the CTO co-op program).
  • Use the Come to Life template.
  • Follow Colorado Tourism Office brand standards and photography guidelines.
  • Inform flighting, messaging, and diverse imagery considerations.
  • Review and approve all creative before launch.
  • Have creative that links directly to your website.


The Colorado Tourism Office can customize paid media cooperative opportunities to fit your needs. Customization includes:

  • seasonality
  • tiered investments or a-la-carte investments
  • geofencing and in-state targeting
  • content alignment

Shared and dedicated email

Reach travelers through a one-to-one communication channel. This channel extends the Colorado Tourism Office’s reach by purchasing audience lists and custom publisher emails. Shared emails feature up to six partners in the same email. Dedicated emails feature only one partner with 100% share of voice and options to target a more diverse and representative audience segment. 

Sequential programmatic digital display

Partners benefit from Colorado’s custom audiences and hyper-targeted digital approach to reach consumers through a seamless sequential messaging strategy at the final stage when they are ready to book.

In-market mobile

Use geo-location gathered from mobile devices to target travelers—including diverse audience segments—with heightened interest, or while in-state to introduce nearby destinations, attractions or other things to do. This is a good tactic if you want to do regional or in-state targeting.

Online travel agency digital display

With the ability to reach consumers in the midst of trip planning and influence consumers through each stage of planning, online travel agencies can hyper-target with their proprietary data. Our partnership allows placements on Tripadvisor, which otherwise could have a hefty minimum spend requirement as a barrier for many destinations and attractions.

Travel programmatic digital display

Leverage travel data partner data offered through Sojern to target high-value consumers who have not booked their trip to Colorado but are demonstrating intent and drive conversions to Colorado Tourism Office partner websites as they plan.

Connected TV viewer retargeting

Reach consumers who have been exposed to the Colorado Tourism Connected TV ads with partner messaging in HTML5 standard display ad format to engage consumers further into the details of trip planning.

You can participate at one of four paid media investment tiers. Every tier includes a match from the Colorado Tourism Office. Matching funds are limited and first-come, first-served.

Benefits by level

Media Tactic Tier 1 - $25,000 Tier 2 - $10,000 Tier 3 - $3,000 Tier 4 - $1,500
eTarget Email (Shared or Dedicated) X X X X
Sojern Travel Programmatic Display X X X X
Native X X X  
Trip Advisor OTA Display X X    
MiQ Sequential Digital Display X X    
Connected TV Digital Display Retargeting X      
Total Value $93,145 $50,680 $17,625 $8,250

Tier 1

You will need to invest $25,000 and the Colorado Tourism Office will match $31,250. 

Placement Estimated Media Costs Value Estimated Impressions
eTarget Custom Dedicated Email (2x) $10,000 $15,000 2,000,000
Sojern Travel Programmatic Display $11,000 $15,400 2,200,000
TripAdvisor OTA Display $8,250 $11,250 375,000
MIQ Sequential Digital Display $10,000 $17,500 2,500,000
CTV Viewer Display Retargeting $9,000 $11,250 1,401,051
Creative Services - $8,500 -
Wrap Report - - -
Total Value $56,250 $93,145 8,393,578

Tier 2

You will need to invest $10,000 and the Colorado Tourism Office will match $12,500.

Placement Investment Value Estimated Impressions
eTarget Shared Email (3x) $1,500 $11,250 1,500,000
Sojern Travel Programmatic Display $6,250 $8,750 1,250,000
TripAdvisor OTA Display $5,250 $7,955 238,636
MIQ Sequential Digital Display $5,500 $9,625 1,375,000
Creative Services - $6,300.00 -
Wrap Report - - -
Total Value $22,500 $52,680 4,284,965

Tier 3

You will need to invest $3,000 and the Colorado Tourism Office will match $3,750.

Placement Investment Value Estimated Impressions
eTarget Shared Email (2x) $2,000 $7,500 1,000,000
Mobilefuse In-Market Mobile $2,000 $5,418 363,636
Sojern Travel Programmatic Display $2,750 $3,850 550,000
Creative Services - $3,500 -
Wrap Report - - -
Total Value $6,750 $17,625 1,800,000

Tier 4

You will need to invest $1,500 and the Colorado Tourism Office will match $1,875.

Placement Investment Value Estimated Impressions
eTarget Shared Email (1x) $1,375 $3,750 500,000
Sojern Travel Programmatic Display $2,000 $2,800 400,000
Creative Services - $1,500 -
Wrap Report - - -
Total Value $3,375 $8,250 900,000


Applications for the co-op are currently closed.  The next application period will open around October 2023 for the Winter co-op (November - March). 

Please subscribe to the Tourism Tuesday Newsletter for the announcement of the application period and the webinar. 

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