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The Colorado Tourism Office prints and distributes the Official Colorado State Vacation Guide. The guide provides inspirational content, photography, and travel ideas that influence visitation. It is printed annually and is seen by over 1 million people each year.

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How to participate

The Colorado Tourism Office offers opportunities to purchase advertisements within the guide.  We will announce the opportunities to participate through Tourism Tuesday. You can sign up for those email notifications by emailing the contact below to let us know you are interested.

Rates are listed in the table below.

Back cover $18,675
Inside front cover $16,983
Table of contents $16,983
Inside back cover $16,437
Full page $14,943
Two-thirds page $11,985
Half page $9,843
One-third page $7,650

Businesses with different business, pick-up, or meeting addresses in addition to their physical address can purchase additional print listings. 



Type: Marketing promotion

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

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