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The Tourism Social Media Marketing Promotion promotes destinations across Colorado to residents and visitors through owned social media channels. Since social media can be a challenge for some participants, a representative from the Colorado Tourism Office will support you through the process of content creation and tailoring messaging to the needs of target audiences.

We offer several options:

  • paid social media cooperative – fund match opportunity
  • priority posts, sharing, and giveaways
  • instagram takeover
  • Colorado content crew

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Type: Marketing promotion 

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

Once a week, the Colorado Tourism Office promotes an industry partner’s content through the Visit Colorado Facebook page for up to three days. You must invest at least $1,000, and there is no maximum investment. The CTO will match your investment up to $2,500.

There is no management fee, and 100% of investment goes to your media purchase. You can sign up twice every year in the early fall and early spring. Spots are limited.

The matching grant is open to destination management organizations, tourism associations, and ski resorts. To receive updates about the matching grant, contact the program manager below.

Eligible content

Content can be anything you want to feature that will draw attention to your destination. You should know your brand, your target audience, and what type of information about your destination will resonate with them. The content should not resemble an advertisement, more like an advertorial.

Video can be expensive and time consuming to create but is great for engagement. We recommend sharing a short 30-second to 2-minute short feature. Content must be relevant, not just be commercials. Video content on Facebook performs better when it is hosted by the Facebook page promoting it. Video ideas include:

  • how-to videos
  • tour of your area or business
  • inspirational content

Blog Post
Blog posts are the most common type of content we promote. We recommend that you host the post on your website. Content ideas include:

  • a list or article about upcoming events
  • must-experience activities around your destination
  • top 10 things to do in your area

This could be an article about an event or an actual Facebook event we set up and promote. This is a one-track path that we generally do not recommend.

If you have other content that you think would work, the Colorado Tourism Office is open to discussing it. We will need to approve your content. We recommend that you contact the program manager below before creating content specifically for this program.

Ineligible content

Ineligible content includes content:

  • not related to tourism
  • for promotions, deals, business listings, and sales
  • that applies to a very small subset of an audience – to use dollars efficiently, content must apply to a larger audience (over 500,000)

How to participate

You will need to follow this process:

  1. Contact the program manager below to discuss your idea and goals.
  2. Create an eligible piece of content and upload it through your organization’s social media channels. To maximize engagement, the Colorado Tourism Office will give feedback on the content, and reserves the right to determine if the content fits the program.
  3. Decide your budget and goals (clicks, engagement, awareness). You will need to spend at least $1,000. There is no maximum spend. We will match your funds up to $2,500.
  4. Choose your target audience. We will select Facebook targeting tools to create a plan to reach beyond both your current audience and our current audience. Please consider age, geolocation, and interests (hiking, biking, foodie, parent)
  5. We will craft a message on Facebook about the content, send it to you for review/approval, and post it for three days maximum. We will create and manage a paid media campaign promoting that content.

Our social team is always looking for good content to share. While we focus our efforts on sharing content from destinations and associations, we do help other kinds of organizations and businesses. We connect these organizations with their local destination marketing organization and help them become a part of a story on our channels.

For social media giveaways, you will need to supply items such as swag, products, or tickets. 

Email the program manager below to learn more about this opportunity.

Destinations and certain organizations have the opportunity to take over the Colorado Tourism Office’s consumer-facing Instagram for one week. You must first have signed up for the takeover and completed a brief social media training.

This opportunity is best for destinations who can take over the Visit Colorado Instagram for a week. After a brief social media training, you will gain access into the Colorado Tourism Office’s consumer-facing instagram account to showcase the best of your destination.

Email the program manager below to learn more about this opportunity.

We have a small group of Colorado-based content creators that can travel across the state to help cover events, festivals and snow days. The content crew takes over the Visit Colorado accounts to spotlight real-time happenings across the state and can be deployed in a recovery situation to highlight that an area is open for business. This opportunity is a better fit for organizations who would like to have live promotional support on our social channels.

Email the program manager below to learn more about this opportunity.

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