Regional Film Commissions

Regional Film Commissions across Colorado share expertise with filmmakers and help attract productions to their communities. These regional partnerships market the diversity of Colorado’s region and identify local support services for the film industry.

The responsibilities of regional film commissions include:

  • knowledge of local film and special event permitting
  • knowledge of community resources
  • identify a liaison who can field local and national inquiries from filmmakers
  • update entries on the Colorado Film Crew and Support Services Directory and Colorado Film Location Directory
  • create an online presence for the regional film commission
  • be available to host regional tours for location scouts interested in local geographic and architectural assets

The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media selects up to two new regional film commissions each year. There are currently 12 active regional film commissions.


Type: Regional partners

For: Communities, filmmakers, and production companies

Application deadline: Every spring

OEDIT division: Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media

If you want to activate a regional film commission, your community needs to first complete the Film Ready Initiative. Colorado communities often integrate regional film commissions into local film festivals or convention and visitor bureaus. They may also establish a commission as a standalone nonprofit organization.

The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media selects up to two new communities each year for a regional film commission. Funding may be available for newly established regional film commissions.

Once a community has completed the Film Ready Initiative, contact the program manager to discuss the possibility of activating a regional film commission in your region.

Application materials

These questions are only a reference and do not include all of the information you need to include in the application.

  • Explain why your community would like to establish a regional film commission.
  • Describe how your community would like to set up your regional film commission.
  • Identify at least one community champion who will lead this effort, including:
    • details about how they have successfully led previous communitywide efforts
    • how they plan to be inclusive in engaging community stakeholders

You will also need to submit these documents:

  • budget
  • finance plan to sustain the regional film commission

This is a competitive award program, so not all applicants receive the designation. We review applications and recommend awards based on application scores and available funds.

We review applications on these criteria:

  • location
  • sustainability
  • knowledge of local permitting and resources

We select up to two new regional film commissions each year. If your community is not selected, we encourage you to talk with us about how to make your future applications more competitive.

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