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The Colorado Film Location Directory is a database of filmable locations across Colorado that filmmakers can search by town, county, and type of location. Owners or managers of Colorado businesses, homes, or other properties can register their locations to help attract film productions to their communities. There is no cost to list your property.

The Colorado Film Location Directory is on the Reel Scout platform, which in-state and out-of-state filmmakers use to find locations, crew, and support services for their Colorado-based productions.

You do not need to register to browse the directory.

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Type: Directory

For: Filmmakers, production companies, film industry professionals

OEDIT division: Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media

How to Submit a Location

To submit a location, you need to agree to the terms and conditions on the website and provide:

  • location name and address
  • detailed description of the location
  • usage restrictions
  • contact info for owner or filming representative at location
  • permission from location owner
  • up to 20 photos of the location (maximum 10MB each) including:
  • estimated dates of photos
  • photo credit

Location scouts look for high-resolution photos that clearly show landscape and relevant attributes. For example, show the full kitchen layout if you are listing a kitchen, and show exterior barn shots if you are listing a ranch.

Location scouts also want to see areas for loading and unloading equipment such as alleyways, ramps, stairs, and elevators. After you submit your application, you will receive a notification within three to five business days.

After Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media (COFTM) staff reviews and approves your application. Film professionals worldwide seeking the perfect location for their projects can see your listing. Your photos will be added to the COFTM photo library. The COFTM staff will contact you if a filmmaker is interested in your property.

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