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The Colorado Film Crew and Support Services Directory helps our state's film industry workforce showcase their skills and services to producers who are considering filming here. There is no cost for Colorado-based cast, crew, and support services to register in the directory. We encourage all industry professionals including pre-production resources, production staff and technical crew, producers and production companies, equipment and stages, post production facilities, and support services to register.

The listing typically takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The Colorado Film Location Directory is on the Reel Scout platform, which in-state and out-of-state filmmakers use to find locations, crew, and support services for their Colorado-based productions.

You do not need to register to browse the directory.

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Type: Directory

For: Filmmakers, production companies, film industry professionals

OEDIT division: Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media

To register in the directory, you need to have:

  • a Colorado address
  • a least three paid, verifiable, professional media industry job credits in film, television, commercial, animation, or video games

We support two different listing types: crew and support services.


You are likely crew if you are on the production’s payroll. Crew includes:

  • art department
  • camera
  • casting
  • construction
  • costume
  • directors
  • editors
  • make-up
  • location managers
  • sound
  • special effects

Support services

Support services are mainly vendors including:

  • accommodations
  • catering services
  • equipment
  • rentals
  • legal
  • production companies
  • prop rentals
  • security
  • talent management
  • transportation

You will need to visit the directory to start your listing.

When you start your registration, you need to choose your listing type as either crew or support services. This choice may not be changed at a later date. If you choose the wrong category, an admin will have to delete your account so you can start over and create another account. If you aren’t sure whether to list your service as crew or support services, browse existing listings to see which category reflects what you do.

Seven days business days after you click submit, you will find your listing under Crew or Support Services. You can log in to your account to update your credits and contact information.

Crew listing

The crew listing asks for your:

  • contact information
  • business name
  • crew positions
  • list of skills and relevant experience
  • verifiable credits
  • links to either portfolio, IMDB page, and/or business website
  • industry affiliations (union affiliations, license numbers)

Under categories and credits, you can include a limited number of your past productions and the roles you played on each of them. You also have the option to upload files, including a resume, bio, headshot, company logo, or other relevant documents.

Support services listing

The support services listing asks for your:

  • contact information
  • business name
  • service positions
  • verifiable credits
  • links to portfolio or IMDB page

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