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The Advanced Industries Export Grant helps Colorado-based advanced industries technology businesses who want to export or are currently exporting. This grant is for small- and medium-sized businesses. It reimburses for international business development and marketing costs. Businesses can apply for up to $15,000 and up to 50% of the approved expenses.

The Global Consultant Network is also funded through this program. Colorado-based businesses can receive consulting support to help them expand into other countries. Consulting services typically last between three and eight months. Consultants offer these services:

  • market entry services
  • in-country partner meetings
  • other services (cost dependent on service)

  The next application will open July 1, 2024. 

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Type: Grant

For: Advanced industries businesses

Amount: Up to $15,000 per business

Application deadline: This application is closed

OEDIT division: Global Business Development

To be eligible, your business needs to:

  • manufacture an advanced technology and influence one or more of Colorado’s advanced industries (see below
  • have headquarters in Colorado or have at least 50% of your employees based in Colorado
  • employ fewer than 200 employees globally
  • be new to export or expanding to a new export market
  • have at least two years of sales experience in the United States
  • be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and in Good Standing
  • have a commercialized product or service to export
  • be export-ready (see below)

Advanced industries technology

An advanced industries technology is defined by law as a technology or product that is innovative and disruptive to one of these seven advanced industries:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • bioscience
  • electronics
  • energy and natural resources (including cleantech)
  • infrastructure engineering
  • technology and information

How to be export-ready

Global Business Development staff evaluates export readiness based on your company’s ability to:

  • meet new customer demand
  • provide customer service to foreign buyers
  • follow export regulations and certifications

Eligible expenses

Before you spend money on your project, make sure your expenses are eligible. Eligible expenses include:

  • up to 2 company employees going on an overseas trade mission, international or domestic trade show, or international market sales trip
  • conducting due diligence or credit reviews on potential buyers or distributors
  • legal fees related to a contract, intellectual property protection, or other issues related to exporting goods or services
  • design and producing international marketing materials
  • compliance with international requirements for labeling, packaging, or shipping
  • translation for a contract, official document, marketing materials, or website
  • quality or environmental certifications
  • preparing product documents, product registration, or assembly or maintenance instructions

This grant will not reimburse for certain activities, including but not limited to:

  • any expenses that state law forbids a state agency from reimbursing a state employee
  • airfare upgrades to Economy Plus, Business, or First Class for domestic or international flights
  • entertainment, receptions, or social events
  • staff pay
  • routine business operation expenses
  • infrastructure related expenses

The award cycle starts in July and ends the following June. We recommend applying earlier in the award cycle because awards tend to be smaller during the later part of the cycle. Apply for the grant at least four to six weeks before traveling.

Apply online in the OEDIT application portal. Log in to your account or create a new account. To protect your personal information, we manually add new users to the portal, so it may take several days to activate your account.

This opportunity is for companies, not for an individual employee of the company. Your company needs to apply directly to the program. No third party consultants, agents, or representatives may apply on behalf of a client company or their own consultant firm.

Applications for the Advanced Industries Export Grant have a rolling deadline, meaning we will review applications as they are received. Applications are accepted until funding runs out.

Application materials

Online application

The online application asks about your company and export project, including:

  • your company’s financial health
  • what products or services you will export
  • why you chose that market
  • how you will use the grant funds
  • a projected budget for total forecasted expenses and an estimate of your export sales immediately and in six months of using the funds

Market research report

Complete this market research report to explain your decision to enter or expand into the proposed market. Use this Market Research Report Template (PDF) as an example.


Include a detailed budget outlining all expenses for the project.

When listing expected personnel and equipment expenses, be as detailed as possible. Category labels such as ‘manufacturing equipment’ and ‘management personnel’ are too generic. 

Do not include equipment or salaries of personnel that the project team needs for operations outside of this project.

A panel reviews all submitted applications. Please allow two to three weeks from the submission date for notification about funding. Grant awardees will receive a detailed commitment letter from OEDIT indicating the agreed upon export development project or activities, timing, and breakout of approved expenses in US dollars.

You will submit for reimbursement once your trip is complete. If expenses are not submitted in 30 days, you may not receive funds.

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