Tourism Management Grant Application Opens on February 1

The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) will begin accepting applications for the Tourism Management Grant on Feb. 1, 2022. Colorado destination organizations and Colorado tourism industry associations are eligible to apply for up to $20,000 to support tourism-related projects that develop, manage, or enhance visitor experiences in Colorado.

Eligible projects include product development (agritourism maps, bicycle tourism guides, travel philanthropy programs), tourism workforce development, tourism-related strategic planning (stakeholder and resident engagement, destination management), tourism research, and infrastructure that directly enhances the visitor experience through increased access or engagement (wayfinding, educational or interpretive signage, trail maintenance).

"We received a lot of valuable input from partners who are looking to expand the scope of their tourism management strategies," said Andrew Grossmann, Director of Destination Development for the Colorado Tourism Office. "We hope that this grant provides our industry an opportunity to implement new ideas that keep Colorado on the cutting edge of tourism leadership."

Grants are for a maximum of $20,000 and funds are matched 4:1, meaning for every dollar allocated to the project by the grantee, the CTO Tourism Management Grant will provide $4 in matching funds.

Projects that advance low-impact travel experiences, foster inclusive travel opportunities, encourage responsible visitation, address seasonality, champion the value of tourism, or target conscientious travelers will be given additional consideration.

For more information about the Tourism Management Grant program, visit the website. 

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