Outdoor Recreation Company Great Trango Holdings Receives Award for Excellence in Exporting

DENVER – Today, on World Trade Day, the Global Business Development Division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced Great Trango Holdings as winner of the 2024 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting.

“Colorado is home to thousands of small exporting businesses that strengthen Colorado’s economy and create good jobs. Colorado is known for its outdoor recreation and Great Trango continues to spread Colorado’s love for indoor and outdoor climbing around the globe. Congrats Great Trango!” said Governor Polis.

“When Colorado businesses export their goods and services across the globe, they contribute to a stronger Colorado economy that works for everyone. Congratulations to Great Trango Holdings on their success. Their great work leads to good jobs for Coloradans and helps keep our state globally competitive,” said Eve Lieberman, OEDIT Executive Director.

Based in Lafayette, Colorado, Trango employs 21 Coloradans and manufactures and exports climbing gear for indoor and outdoor climbing and climbing holds for international competitions, climbing gyms and home climbing walls. Over the past four years, the company has continued to invest in the brand and climbing hold markets by adding in-house design staff, growing its relationships with hold shapers, and adding new materials to its climbing hold line. This is creating a greater demand for Trango holds and gear across the globe.

“Trango is proud and grateful to accept the recognition from the State of Colorado. Trango has grown up in Colorado and we embrace our heritage in our messaging as we send our products across the globe. OEDIT has played a key role in supporting us at a variety of different events over the years and we appreciate all the support and resources,” said Chris Klinke, President of Great Trango Holdings.

Colorado is home to more than 5,000 exporting businesses, 4,800 of which are small and medium-sized. Trade supports over 820,000 jobs in the state, making international sales vital to Colorado’s strong and healthy economy. In 2023, Colorado exported $10.4 billion in products. In 2021, exports supported an estimated 38,000 jobs. Colorado’s top trading partners include Canada, Mexico, China and South Korea. Recognizing small businesses with this award highlights opportunities for Colorado to expand its exporting capabilities and grow the state economy particularly through small businesses.

The Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting recognizes companies that have exported products or services outside of Colorado for two or more years, are new to international exporting, or expanding into a new market and are headquartered in or have at least 50 percent of their employees based in Colorado. Since 1970, 131 companies have won the award.

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