Colorado’s Only Outdoor Cinema Project Unveils Eight Original Film Installations in Side Stories’ Annual RiNo Experience

Side Stories, an immersive outdoor cinematic experience that transforms Denver’s urban exteriors into eight cinematic canvases, returns to the RiNo neighborhood February 28 to March 6. 

Using hand-selected RiNo district buildings as distinct backdrops, eight Colorado artists have created temporary, site-specific works of art designed specifically for night viewing. The eight original films provide a walking tour that allows pedestrians to immerse themselves in each installation at their own pace. Videos are projected in silence, allowing participants to augment their experience with artists’ commentary and/or soundtrack available on Side Stories’ website through their mobile device. 

“This unique urban projection installation is timely and captivating,” said Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Deputy Film Commissioner at the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media. “It blends our city’s physical landscape, art, energy, commerce and community in an interactive medium that highlights the amazing talent and content that is being created right here in Colorado.”

This year’s eight featured Colorado artists are: 

Laurel Cohen - Cohen’s RiNo monster creation is visually inspired by Colorado’s natural setting and RiNo’s industrial history.

Xadie Janes Antonio - Spectre of the Locomotive uses rotoscope animation blended with live footage to capture the ephemeral nature of a changing city while the locomotive, the giant ghost of the past, remains a constant staple.

Tom Ludlow - Colorado Crystal Cave immerses viewers in a crystal cave filled with dripping stalactites, glittering pools, flying bats and glowing insects.

Natalie Einterz - Colorado Peeks plays with surreal landscapes, integrating vibrant, bold colors and creating portals to transition between animated themes.

Annette Isham - Unfolded II immerses the audience with animated drone footage of a feminine orb that traverses the Colorado landscape. 

Phillip Falulkner - Facade employs collage motifs that combine representational and abstract marks to create a composition in flux.

Kendra Fleischman - Road Trip, Kendra’s second original film as a Side Story artist,  l creates an interactive, magical work exploring the simple elegance of silhouettes and shadows.

Daniel Fickle - Love Hour pays homage to the silent films of the early 1900s and tells the love stories of five couples. 

To provide visitors with individualized viewing experiences, the video installations are played on loop that allows visitors to access all eight installations on their own schedule. Side Stories is a free-to-the-public content initiative that showcases local Colorado artists, enriches neighborhoods, inspires exploration and creates unique viewing experiences.

Side Stories is a collaborative partnership of Colorado’s Office of Film, Television, and Media with Mainspring, Martin Family Foundation, Rino Arts District, and the Denver Film Society.

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