Creative Industries

Realizing more to creative spaces than meets the eye: Colorado's creative landscape transforms with $98 Million from the Community Revitalization Grant

Families walking from their neighboring elementary school to an outdoor concert at Strawberry Park Amphitheater in Steamboat Springs.

Local and emerging artists in the newly designated Auroral Cultural Arts District (ACAD) reconvene at their nearby arts facility to develop their art.

Communities in Ignacio, home to the Southern Ute people, gather at the Dancing Spirit community arts center, serving a need for art education, creative outlets for the community, and creating destinations to attract visitors.

“Arts in Society” Grant Program Opens Application Portal to Support Arts and Culture Cross-Sector Work in 2021

DENVER -- Applications are now being accepted for funding through the Arts in Society grant program. This program fosters cross-sector work through the arts by supporting the integration of arts and culture into multiple disciplines critical to the health and well-being of Coloradans. 

Extraction Production to begin in Grand Junction

Those traveling through Grand Junction and the surrounding area in the next few weeks may run into some not-so-native creatures. The feature film production of Extraction is underway in the Grand Mesa.

Extraction is an action-driven horror film about an elite squad of soldiers who must extract a vaccine from a quarantine zone inhabited by deadly creatures. Filming starts August 1 with both student filmmakers and veterans supplementing a professional cast and crew. 

Aidyn Reid Wins 2021 Poetry out Loud

Aidyn Reid of Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs was named the 2021 Colorado Poetry Out Loud State Champion. Some of Reid’s earliest memories are of being read poetry by her mother. 

“When I was young, my mom would read me “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein, so I have only fond memories of prose like this,” said Reid. “I definitely find myself attracted to satirical work and even silly poetic work like Seuss.”

Colorado Creative Industries to Receive $808,100 Partnership Award from the National Endowment for the Arts

Denver — Colorado Creative Industries has been approved for an $808,100 National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) FY 2021 partnership agreement to address priorities identified at the state level. These funds will support the arts in areas such as cultural tourism, community revitalization, economic development, education, and health and human services.