$8.5 million Advanced Industries Awards Accelerate 38 Colorado Startups and Researchers

Advances in healthcare technology, data security and intelligence, energy storage and manufacturing all received a boost this week from the Global Business Development division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program. A total of $8,517,011 was approved for Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital and Retention Grants to support Colorado’s advanced industries. Together, the grants are intended to drive innovation, accelerate commercialization, encourage public-private partnerships, and increase access to early-stage capital across the state from Dolores to Grand Junction to Fort Collins.

“Innovations in advanced industries have enormous potential to change the world we live in, yet the market typically underinvests in early-stage technologies. At the same time, partnerships between the private and public sector can be integral to furthering new ideas,” said Rama Haris, Advanced Industries Senior Manager at OEDIT. “With these grant programs, we aim to fill a funding gap left by the market and foster the types of partnerships that will help Colorado’s Advanced Industries continue to lead their fields.”  

Proof-of-Concept grants help Colorado research institutions work with the private sector to commercialize products and services as well as speed up applied research in advanced industries. Early Stage Capital and Retention grants fund early stage companies developing and commercializing advanced technologies that will be created or manufactured in Colorado.

Among this year’s recipients are a company looking to turn low value coal into fertilizer and advances in healthcare technology that have the potential to change treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer and the rehabilitation of total knee replacements. A community-driven mentorship platform would help companies scale the careers of underrepresented talent, and advances in manufacturing could reduce plastic packaging at a large-scale brewery.

In total, the Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program received 104 applications this grant cycle. Applications were reviewed in a multi-stage review process by committees of business, technical and financial experts in the seven advanced industries, including a live pitch event. Final recommendations were approved by the Economic Development Commission on May 19, 2022.

The next application cycle for Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital and Retention Grants will open on July 1, 2022 and applications will be due September 1, 2022.


Proof-of-Concept Grants:

Colorado School of Mines, Researcher Fred Sarazin - Golden, CO $150,000: Developing scalable production of pure beta radioactive patches to treat non-melanoma skin cancer.

Colorado School of Mines, Researcher Sebnem Duzgun - Golden, CO $105,000: Developing an AI-based prediction system to support investment in geothermal energy.

Colorado State University, Researcher Gary Luckasen - Fort Collins, CO $148,450: Developing a telerehabilitation device for total knee arthroplasty.

Colorado State University, Researcher Mostafa Yourdkhani - Fort Collins, CO $150,000: Developing a new manufacturing approach for the fabrication of lightweight and high-performance composite energy storage devices.

Colorado State University, Researcher Sean Pauzauski - Fort Collins, CO $150,000: Developing a novel healthcare delivery system for managing seizures.

University of Colorado Boulder, Researcher Jerome Fox - Boulder, CO $56,250: Developing approach fur using microbial systems to build precisely targeted, readily synthesizable drug leads.

Early Stage Capital and Retention Grants:

Advanced Environmental Technologies - Fort Collins, CO $80,800: Advanced Environmental Technologies has developed a novel technology that converts low-value coal into an organic soil enhancer and fertilizer, improving soil quality and crop/plant growth, and conserving water and nutrients.

Aspero Medical - Boulder, CO $250,000: Aspero Medical has developed novel and patented products to improve gastrointestinal endoscopy. The C-Tube product, designed to address colorectal cancer, will improve colonoscopy screenings and enable advanced endoscopy procedures.

Auxilia - Centennial, CO $250,000: Auxilia has developed a donation management software solution that has revolutionized fundraising outreach. This robust and intuitive platform increases donor outreach, engagement, and retention.

Blue Cubed - Niwot, CO $250,000: Blue Cubed has developed a unified communication solution for small satellites that incorporates both traditional RF links and power-efficient, high bandwidth optical links.

Caliola Engineering - Colorado Springs, CO $250,000: Caliola Engineering has developed OverKey®, a cybersecurity solution that delivers assured, secure communications in austere environments. It forms a resilient mesh on top of any network and radically simplifies the deployment of military-grade encryption.

CisLunar Industries - Denver, CO $250,000: CisLunar Industries has developed an innovative engineering solution that enables recycling of spent upper stages, satellites, and space debris in a microgravity environment, transforming dangerous material into feedstock for on-orbit manufacturing.

Engage Mobilize - Denver, CO $250,000: Engage Mobilize has developed a cloud-based digital field management platform that provides operators and vendors unprecedented access to actionable data intelligence to better manage transactions end-to-end.

EsoTerra - Dolores, CO $250,000: EsoTerra manufactures and distributes artisanal hard cider from the historic orchards of Southwest Colorado. Trees are analyzed and selected using liquid mass spectrometry, and the ciders are crafted using a proprietary production line.

Fulfilld - Denver, CO $250,000: Fulfilld has developed a software and hardware location-aware warehouse management orchestration platform. This innovative, lightweight, and cost-effective solution leverages deep-learning/AI, digital-twin, and system-directed tasking.  

Iontra - Denver, CO $250,000: Iontra has developed a breakthrough charge control algorithm that significantly improves the performance, cost, and safety of all lithium and zinc battery systems. It enables the battery system to achieve 2-4 times faster charging and 2-3 times longer cycle life.

Iron IQ - Grand Junction, CO $250,000: Iron IQ has developed a cloud-native enterprise SCADA for the energy industry. This is a comprehensive solution for monitoring, data collection, control, and device integration from the field to the data center.

Lazzaro Medical - Boulder, CO $250,000: Lazzaro Medical has developed a patent-pending medical device to revolutionize the treatment of tracheobronchomalacia. This minimally invasive, robotic-assisted technique is safer, faster, and has better outcomes than conventional techniques.

Liberty Dynamic - Sheridan, CO $97,036: Liberty Dynamic has developed the Tactical Robotic Energetic Delivery System (TREDS), a robotically controlled delivery system that provides an adaptive array of non-lethal energetic payloads for law enforcement and military applications.

LumenAstra - Longmont, CO $250,000: LumenAstra has developed a patented wearable, non-invasive, core body thermometer that measures the temperature of internal body tissues. The initial target market for this sensor is aortic dissection repair surgery.  

Maplewell Energy - Lafayette, CO $250,000: Maplewell Energy has developed an energy management technology to enable a decarbonized energy future. It transforms infrastructure with AI and digital twins to maximize operational resiliency, reliability, and efficiency.

Mentor Spaces - Denver, CO $250,000: Mentor Spaces has developed a community-driven mentorship platform to help companies scale the careers of underrepresented talent and streamline diverse talent acquisition and retention efforts.

MODSTREET - Durango, CO $250,000: MODSTREET has developed unique modular parklets and fencing for outdoor dining in municipalities nationwide. The parklets are more durable and safe, require minimal maintenance, and can be installed and taken down in less than an hour.

Orbit Fab - Lafayette, CO $250,000: Orbit Fab has developed proprietary technologies to refuel high-value spacecraft in-orbit, enabling operators significantly extended mission life or re-task satellites to serve a new purpose.

PickNik - Boulder, CO $250,000: PickNik has developed a commercial-grade software solution for using semi-autonomous robotic systems in space. The robot can perform predefined tasks autonomously or can be manually commanded by an operator through an easy-to-use interface at various levels of autonomy.

Progenero Products - Loveland, CO $179,667: Progenero Products has developed SpotSight™, a non-destructive inspection system for manufacturers that efficiently and accurately inspects spot welds to determine if they are of acceptable quality.

PteroDynamics - Colorado Springs, CO $250,000: PteroDynamics has developed a revolutionary and patented design for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. This aircraft design can safely and reliably fly further and longer, carry more payload, use less energy, and cost less to manufacture and maintain.

RDFlows - Boulder, CO $250,000: RDFlows has developed a marketplace to connect Colorado startups and corporate businesses with underutilized cost effective, high-end, and high-performing research equipment at universities.

Ska Brewing - Durango, CO $400,000: Ska Brewing is a craft brewery adding first of its kind sustainable can-collar applicator packaging equipment to drastically reduce the amount of plastic used in the production process.

Solaris Vaccines - Fort Collins, CO $250,000: Solaris Vaccines has developed a vaccine platform to rapidly produce safe and effective vaccines against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The focus is the preclinical development of an influenza vaccine with superior efficacy and safety.

Supertramp Campers - Golden, CO $250,000: Supertramp Campers designs and manufactures high quality composite truck campers using innovative and advanced manufacturing techniques, materials, and machinery.

Syght - Boulder, CO $249,808: Syght has developed a revolutionary stand-off millimeter wave camera for detection of concealed weapons under clothing or bags. The camera can identify concealed weapons and contraband from up to 100 feet away, enabling the detection of real-time threats.

TrAMPoline Pharma - Centennial, CO $250,000: TrAMPoline Pharma is a cellular immunotherapy company developing therapies for solid tumor cancers. The lead therapeutic candidate MightyTIL™ produces engineered tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) targeting orphan cancer indications and melanoma.

Tynt Technologies - Boulder, CO $250,000: Tynt Technologies has developed smart tinting windows for the residential market. The technology offers full blackout privacy and truly neutral color, and optimizes the home’s overall energy use.

Validus Cellular Therapeutics - Aurora, CO $250,000: Validus Cellular Therapeutics has developed the world’s first cellular therapy product designed specifically to target chronic drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Vesicle Therapeutics - Boulder, CO $250,000: Vesicle Therapeutics has developed a platform technology that enables delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids and gene editing tools to specific organs and cell types in a safe and efficacious manner.

Vitro3D - Arvada, CO $250,000: Vitro3D has developed a volumetric 3D printer that allows dentists and orthodontists to print dental aligners at the point of care for faster treatment and better patient outcomes.

Vortic Watch Company - Fort Collins, CO $250,000: Vortic Watch Company is a watch manufacturer using advanced manufacturing techniques and machinery to upcycle and transform antique pocket watches into unique wristwatches.


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