Nyce Kayaks

Nyce Kayaks is an inflatable kayak company based out of Golden Colorado. Our inflatable kayaks are designed with stability in mind. Oversized tubes on our single and tandem kayaks help achieve this. Our boats are great for running big whitewater or loading up with lots of gear and heading out for a multi-day river trip. Nyce Kayaks also sells a play kayak called the Nyce Nugget, which is smaller than the single and tandem, but also designed with stability in mind. The Nugget is great for playing around at the local whitewater park or day trips on whitewater. Nyce Kayaks provides a free demo program that allows front range boaters the opportunity to try our products for free before they buy. We also offer a 6-year warranty on all our boats.
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Gareth Mitten
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1926 Sage Drive
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Recreation Category