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The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) and Leave No Trace founded the Care for Colorado Coalition in 2020. Now an alliance of more than 170 statewide organizations, state/federal agencies and businesses, the coalition is dedicated to educating Coloradans and visitors on how to protect the state’s extraordinary natural and cultural resources.

The coalition promotes the seven Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles, which were created as a direct response to concerns about visitor impacts on our cultural and natural resources. Our goal is to encourage widespread adoption and awareness of these principles by communities, residents, and visitors, empowering everyone to protect the experiences they love in Colorado. The seven Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles are:

  1. Know Before You Go
  2. Stick To Trails
  3. Leave It As You Find It
  4. Trash the Trash
  5. Be Careful With Fire
  6. Keep Wildlife Wild
  7. Share Our Parks & Trails


Type: Education and training

For: Tourism partners and communities

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

Becoming a Care for Colorado Coalition Partner is simple and free! Join forces with over 100+ tourism-related businesses and organizations who are passionate about preserving and protecting Colorado’s cultural and natural resources. As a Coalition Partner you will receive access to marketing assets, communication materials and educational resources to help you spread the word to encourage visitors and residents to travel Colorado respectfully and responsibly.

As a Partner, we make it easy for you to share curated messaging through your own media channels and networks as well as access to the following Care for Colorado Coalition benefits:

  • Use of Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles and customizable assets in your organization’s marketing, communications and educational resources.
  • Opportunity to connect and collaborate with over 100 businesses and organizations from across the state through the quarterly Care for Colorado Coalition Meetings.
  • Subscription to the monthly Care for Colorado Coalition Newsletter with curated and prepared messaging for you to share with your networks.
  • Access to customized CTO and Leave No Trace education opportunities. 

How to become a stewardship partner

If you are interested in becoming a Care for Colorado Coalition Partner fill out this form or email the program manager, Kaiti Jacobson at kaiti.jacobson@state.co.us.

You are eligible to become a Coalition Partner if you are a:

  • Statewide, regional, or local tourism-related or outdoor recreation association
  • Local government 
  • Local or regional destination marketing and/or management organization
  • Local or regional tourism advisory board
  • Local or regional chamber of commerce
  • Statewide or federal agency
  • Travel-related organization or business 

Follow the links below to read and download the monthly messaging sent out to the Care for Colorado Coalition. 





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