Governor’s Council on Economic Stabilization and Growth

 This council is no longer active.

On March 20, 2020, Governor Jared Polis formed the Governor’s Council on Economic Stabilization and Growth to explore the full scope of economic impacts of COVID-19 in our state and make recommendations to mitigate the uncertainty faced by workers, employers, their families and communities.

By bringing together industry experts from the private sector, organizations representing workers across the state, and public sector elected officials and leaders around the state, the Council will develop strategies to put people back to work and get Colorado’s economy moving again.

Topics under consideration were:

  • budget stabilization
  • revenue impacts
  • impact on Colorado’s core industries
  • global supply chains
  • tax policy

Official communication to Colorado's Congressional Delegation:

April 9, 2020 letter (PDF)
May 1, 2020 letter (PDF)
May 15, 2020 letter (PDF)

Council recommendations include:

The council had these committees:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Energy
  • Entrepreneurs, Local, Rural, Women and Minority Led Businesses and Nonprofits
  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Labor, Employment and Education
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Transportation Recovery Working Group

The Council is chaired by Federico Pena and draws upon a broad network of expertise including:

Lise Aangeenbrug
Jimmy Allen
Dr. Katy Anthes
Gary Arnold, Chair, Labor, Employment and Education Committee
Jonathan Asher
Amie Baca Ohlert
Jason Badgley
Rep. Mark Baisley
Joe Barela
Tim Barlow
Damon O. Barry
Jordan Beezley, Liaison, Department of Agriculture
Luis Benitez
Aram Benyamin
Jason Bertolacci
Rep. Shannon Bird
Nicole Bonn
Scott Braden
Robbie Breaux
Sen. Jeff Bridges
Kelly Brough
Chris Brown
Debbie Brown
Rep. Bri Buentello
Tom Bugnitz, Liasion, Manufacturing
Kieran Cain
Chris Castilian
Sally Chafee
Don Childears
Rep. James Coleman
Leslie Cowell
Jim Crowe, Council Member
Don Degnan
Christal DeHerrera
Sen. Kerry Donovan
Dennis Dougherty
David Dragoo
Dirk Draper, Liaison, Chamber of Commerce Community
Paul Dreyer
Eric Drummond
Mark Elliot
Renny Fagan
David Farahi
Nicholas Farber
Steve Fechheimer
Brad Feld, Chair, Small Business Committee
Stephanie Felix
Carlos Fernandez
Nathan Fey
Terri Fiez
Alex Forsett
Shawn Fowler
Courtney Frazier
Doug Friednash
Andrea Fulton
Bill Gamber
Joe Garcia
Rick Garcia, Liaison, Local Government
Ken Gart, Chair, Outdoor Recreation Committee

Dan Gibbs
Michael Gifford
Jason Glass
Tami Graham
Jennifer Gremmert
Bryan Hannegan
Larissa Herda, Chair, Telecommunications Committee
Tatiana Hernandez
Duane Highley
Sen. Owen Hill
Vickie Hormuth
Anne Hoskins
Gregory Howell
Chris Howes
Margaret Hunt
Roger Hutson
Leslie Hylton
Walter Isenberg
Alice Jackson
Rep. Dominique Jackson
Mike Johnson
Deborah Jordy, Chair, Arts and Culture Committee
Phil Kalin
Lucy Kay
Cary Kennedy
Lisa Kennedy
Allie Kimmel
Derek Killebrew, Liaison, Business Emergency Operations Center
Jeff Kraft
Wendy Lea
David Leinweber
Joanie Leonard
Shoshana Lew, Liaison, Transportation Task Force
Tony Lewis
Tom Lipetzky, Liaison, Department of Agriculture
Jeff Litchford
Amy Lynch
David Madsen
Betsy Markey, Council Member
Carlos Martinez
Kyle Martinez
David May, Liaison, Chamber of Commerce Community
Amie Mayhew
Jim McDonald
Rich Meisinger
Kim Miller
Tim Miller
Melanie Mills
Erik Mitisek
Dick Monfort, Council Member
Reuben Munger
Kimbal Musk
Marc Nager
Anthony Neal-Graves
Kelly Nordini
Angie Paccione
Michelle Pelletier
Federico Pena, Council Chair & Chair, Energy Committee
Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Liaison, Congress

Zach Pierce
Glenn Plagens
Dan Prenzlow
Doug Price
Sen. Kevin Priola
Kennedy Pugh
Sen. Bob Rankin
Bruce Ray
Kent Rice
Blair Richardson, Chair, Financial Services Committee
Sonia Riggs
Chip Rimer
Cathy Ritter
Governor Bill Ritter
Mandy Ritter
Rep. Dylan Roberts
Jason Robertson
Roberta Robinett
Sen. Robert Rodriguez
Chris Romer
Ron Ruggiero
Rep. Shane Sandridge
Rep. Lori Saine
Richard Scharf, Chair, Tourism Committee
Andrew Schneider
Kevin Schneider
Diane Schwenke, Liaison, Chamber of Commerce Community
Dave Secunda
Ean Seeb
Sarah Shrader
Armando Silva
Will Simpkins
Jamie Simpson
Janice Sinden
Matt Skinner
Abram Sloss
Mark Soltes
Edie Sonn
George Sparks
Bob Stinchcomb
Katheryn Swartz
Theresa Szczurek
Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker
Jeffrey Taylor
Will Toor
Rep. Kevin Van Winkle
Eli Veenendaal
Brian Vogt
Eugene Wade, Liaison, Emergency Operations Center
Andrew Wallace
Tina Walls
Linda Weise
Ginger White
Mary Wickersham
Sen. Rob Woodward
Lisa Yates
Chuck Young
Dave Young
Len Zani
Adam Zarrin
Donald Zuckerman