Reimagine Industry Associations Success Story: Colorado Distillers Guild


Colorado Distillers Guild (CDG) was approved to participate in the Reimagine Industry Associations Program by the Colorado Tourism Office in October 2022.

The purpose of CDG is to promote the common interest of the distilling industry in Colorado. With a reach of more than 40 members, CDG soft launched the Colorado Spirits Trail (CST) mobile app in spring 2022, with a goal to increase awareness of Colorado’s distillery industry and encourage people to visit distilleries outside of their local area.  

CDG was paired with Olivia Ward, a CRAFT Mentor with travel and tourism experience in social media marketing, digital advertising, and digital content strategy, to deliver 75 hours of consulting to conduct the activities listed below.

The purpose of this project was to officially launch the CST app, encourage distillery participation, and sustainably fund the app by acquiring an app sponsor and advertisers.

Project objectives included: 

  • update CDG member, sponsor, and advertiser marketing materials to increase distillery app engagement and advertising partnership opportunities
  • review and update CST digital channels including the website, social media profiles, and the app to ensure consistent messaging and a positive user experience  
  • develop a promotional strategy and assets for distillery activations, public relations outreach, digital advertising campaign, influencer outreach, and social media posts to increase awareness and downloads of the CST app

Colorado Distillers Guild achieved the following results with its Reimagine Industry Associations Mentor:

  • promotional plan to officially launch the CST app that includes action items and deadlines  
  • CST app partnership toolkit that includes partnership opportunities, program description, advertising instructions, and advertising guidelines
  • CDG and CST website updates for cohesive messing and app promotion
  • CST spotlights for CDG monthly emails to increase distillery listing engagement and promotion 
  • draft press releases and distribution framework
  • social media marketing content and instructions to engage with distilleries and influencers 
  • Meta advertising campaign to increase awareness and app downloads 
  • recommendations for Colorado Tourism Office creative asset production shoot that includes locations, talent, and activities
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About Reimagine Industry Associations Program

The Reimagine Industry Associations Program supports Colorado tourism industry associations to foster long-term resilience. Awarded industry associations receive 75 hours of consulting and a $10,000 creative asset production shoot from the Colorado Tourism Office.