CRAFT Case Study: Rio Blanco County Historical Society, Rio Blanco County

Rio Blanco County Historical Society was awarded a CRAFT Mentor program by the Colorado Tourism Office in the spring of 2015. The objective of this CRAFT Mentor program was to create a strategic plan to develop a cultural heritage center.

Located in The Great West, Rio Blanco County Historical Society’s mission is to preserve the rich heritage of the White River Valley by capturing oral history, maintaining the White River Museum, protecting and interpreting historic sites and providing historic education.

CRAFT Mentor Program Results

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The Colorado Tourism Office matched Rio Blanco County Historical Society with Constance DeVereaux, a CRAFT Mentor with experience in cultural management in the capacities of consultant, practitioner, and professor to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Created a 2016-2018 Strategic Planning Session and Plan
  • Expanded fundraising partners
  • Extended collaborations to twelve other local organizations

“Constance showed us how to put our dreams in a format that could be executed on with timelines, budget and responsible  parties. Which provides a tool for us to convey our dreams to the funders and supporters.” — Ellene Meece, RBCHS President 

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About CRAFT Mentor

CRAFT Mentor provides up to 50 hours of mentoring for tourism-related entities wishing to advance a specific tourism-related goal or strategy. Participants receive $1,000 of implementation funding upon completion.


Rio Blanco County Historical Society
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