CRAFT Case Study: Guidestone Colorado, Chaffee County

Guidestone Colorado was awarded a CRAFT Mentor program by the Colorado Tourism Office in fall 2019. The objective of the program was the development of a fundraising plan that led to a 200% increase in end of year giving to the organization.

Located in Chaffee County, Guidestone Colorado’s mission is to grow a vibrant agricultural future through education, community building and partnerships. Guidestone’s programmatic approach provides services to farmers, educators, youth, and community members through four cornerstone programs:

  • the Farm to School Initiative
  • Farmhands Education Program
  • Colorado Land Link
  • the Hutchinson Homestead and Learning Center
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CRAFT Mentor Program Results

The Colorado Tourism Office matched Guidestone Colorado with Kristie Nackord, a CRAFT Mentor with experience providing business development, strategic communications, public relations, and community engagement to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Developed a comprehensive fundraising and communications plan. Conducted a development and communications audit that identified and clarified target stakeholders. Revitalized existing messaging and communications platform to better express organizational impact. Developed a giving pyramid and giving strategies. Engaged board of directors in the creation and implementation of the plan.
  • Engaged in fundraising activities. Increased end-of-year giving from $2,000 in 2018 to $6,000 in 2019. Implemented a donor dinner event to raise awareness and increase the organization's donor base. Board members hosted two events in 2019 that 20 couples attended. Raised $800. In partnership with Chaffee County Public Health, received a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation for $47,000 to develop a communication and strategic plan to create a local food system. Received a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Grant for $100,000 to build a 40 person size classroom with a kitchen onto the existing visitor center. A local private foundation committed $50,000 to the project, Chaffee County committed $10,000, and the Gates Foundation committed $20,000 contingent on raising all of the funds.
  • Hired a consultant using implementation funding to enact the marketing and fundraising initiatives identified during CRAFT Mentor.
  • Expanded their partnership with Hutchinson Homestead to provide educational add-ons and kid programming during weddings.
  • Featured in an hour-long PBS episode in February 2020, along with Hutchinson Ranch.

“Our mentor was personable, accommodating, positive, and supportive. She was both a great listener in understanding Guidestone's goals, and also able to provide valuable and insightful feedback to our language and program 'storytelling' to be more impactful.”

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About CRAFT Mentor Program

CRAFT Mentor provides up to 50 hours of mentoring for tourism-related entities wishing to advance a specific tourism-related goal or strategy. Participants receive $1,000 of implementation funding upon completion.


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