Brand USA Marketing Program

Program Overview

Brand USA is the destination marketing organization (DMO) that promotes travel to and within the United States. The organization works closely with the travel industry to maximize the economic and social benefits of travel. The Colorado Tourism Office participates in many of the marketing opportunities available through Brand USA.

Brand USA Travel Week Europe

Connecting the U.K. & Europe with the U.S. travel industry, Brand USA Travel Week Europe offers hand-picked buyers from across the U.K. & European markets and U.S. exhibitors the opportunity to participate in up to 13, 20-minute match-made one-to-one appointments per day.

Locations and timing vary year to year though typically take place in September or October.

Show Dates

  • October 16-19, 2023 London, England
  • 2024 To Be Announced

Colorado Webpage on VisitTheUSA.com

The Colorado Tourism Office helps DMOs promote their destination overseas by providing matching funds to create and maintain a webpage on VisitTheUSA.com.

Brand USA produces its website in 13 different languages to promote international tourism to the U.S. Colorado has its own microsite housed under the Brand USA site. Brand USA and the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) reference the websites in all international advertising and marketing efforts.
Colorado Tourism Office destination partners have the opportunity to have their own content pages on the Brand USA Colorado microsite, and the Colorado Tourism Office will match your investment.

Rates for pages:

A new city page costs ~ $10,000. An annual page refresh costs ~$6,000. In both cases, the Colorado Tourism Office pays for half of the cost, the other is paid by your destination. Prices are subject to change.

Additional Opportunities

There are many marketing opportunities available through Brand USA such as traffic generation, video traffic generation and more. 

How to Participate

If you are interested in participating in any of the Brand USA programs or advertising opportunities, please email Julie Dufault and Mitch Knothe (Miles Partnership contact).


Type: Marketing promotion

For: Tourism partners and businesses

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

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