May 2022 Messaging: Be Water Wise

As a coalition, we aim to connect and provide education for our partners and members. This month we’ll be focusing our messaging on water. From drinking to recreating, water is one of the most important resources we have. As many are already aware, water is an especially limited resource in our great state of Colorado. We need to work together to not only conserve this precious resource, while also being able to enjoy it safely for recreational use.

Water weaves together all of the Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles. Be it Know Before You Go as you set off to explore a new river, or Trash the Trash as people start heading to lakes this summer, raising awareness around water is key. Please share the messaging below to help educate visitors and residents to "Be Water Wise" to protect this precious Colorado resource.

Yours in stewardship,

Tim Wolfe, Director, Colorado Tourism Office

Dana Watts, Executive Director, Leave No Trace

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#CareForColorado Social Media Posts

Share any of the “Trash the Trash”’ social media posts below to encourage and inspire visitors to Care for Colorado on all their adventures. Easily use one (or all) of these ready-to-go social posts, or create your own. Don’t forget to tag @VisitColorado and @LeaveNoTraceOrg.

  • Rivers are powerful and always changing. Know Before You Go and always check current water levels, speeds and temperatures before heading out on your water adventures.  #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • Water is sparse in Colorado, try to help limit your use by taking a quick 5 minute shower, bringing a reusable water bottle with you and remembering to  turn off the sink when you brush your teeth. Together, we can #CareForColorado and #LeaveNoTrace
  • Colorado’s dry climate, warm summer weather and elevation make staying hydrated extra important. Be sure to bring enough water for you, your group members and any furry friends on every outing.  #CareforColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • We all love swimming in clear, cool lakes during the heat of the summer. Before you take the plunge, be sure you allow 30 minutes after lathering up in sunscreen and bug spray. This will allow your skin time to soak in and keep our waterways clean and healthy.  #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace

Care for Colorado Coalition “Trash the Trash” Success Stories

Care for Colorado Coalition News

  • Colorado Parks & Wildlife: Be Bear Aware. With spring upon us, CPW reminds residents that bears are emerging from hibernation and beginning to search for food. Bears should NOT be eating from trash receptacles, bird feeders or other human-provided food sources around homes or businesses. Learn more here.
  • National Travel and Tourism Week Webinar: Celebrate with the CTO by registering for a live webinar on May 3 from 12-1 pm MST to hear from Tim Wolfe, Director of CTO, and other industry leaders on the state of the industry followed by an announcement of the Frontline Tourism Worker Award Winners. You can also get involved by utilizing the toolkit created by the U.S. Travel Association.

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