Advanced Industries Proof of Concept Grant

The Advanced Industries Proof of Concept Grant provides funding to help Colorado research institutions speed up applied research in advanced industries and commercialize products and services with the private sector. The grant funds pre-commercial research and commercialization preparation. Projects can receive up to $150,000.

The Global Business Development (GBD) division administers this grant in partnership with Colorado’s advanced industry trade associations and receives final approval from the Economic Development Commission.

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Type: Grant

For: Research institutions

Amount: Up to $150,000 per project

Industry-specific: Advanced industries

Application periods: January to March and July to September

OEDIT division: Global Business Development

To apply for the Advanced Industries Proof of Concept Grant, your project needs to:

  • originate from an approved Colorado research institution or federal lab (see below for a full list)
  • research and apply an advanced technology and influence one or more of Colorado’s advanced industries (see below
  • show funding ratio of 1-to-3 non-State funding to State funding (For example, if you request a State grant of $30,000, you need to identify $10,000 in cash from other sources.)

Advanced industries technology

An advanced industries technology is defined by law as a technology or product that is innovative and disruptive to one of these seven advanced industries:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • bioscience
  • electronics
  • energy and natural resources (including cleantech)
  • infrastructure engineering
  • technology and information

Preferred qualifications

We will prioritize projects that:

  • have a significant influence on multiple advanced industries
  • involve more than one research institution
  • include sponsorship by a Colorado-based advanced industry business
  • originate from a nonprofit research institution

Colorado research institutions and federal labs

These institutions may apply for this grant:

 Applications will open on July 1, 2021. Please sign up for the advanced industries email updates to stay updated on when this application will open. 

Applications are open twice a year from January to March and July to September. The next application period will be July 1, 2021 to September 1, 2021.

You will need to contact your university technology transfer office to start your application.

Your application needs to include a:

  • detailed project description
  • timeline for the project
  • budget outlining all anticipated expenses
  • strategy for raising matching funds or proof that you already have matching funds

Application materials


To help us understand your plan, write milestones with goals. Use our Milestone Template (XLS) and upload with the application.


Include a detailed budget outlining all expenses for the project. Use our Budget Template (XLS) and upload with the application.

When listing expected personnel and equipment expenses, be as detailed as possible. Category labels such as ‘manufacturing equipment’ and ‘management personnel’ are too generic. 

Do not include equipment or salaries of personnel that the project team needs for operations outside of this project.

Matching funds

Your grant request needs to have a funding ratio of 1-to-3 non-State funding to State funding. For example, if you request a grant of $30,000, you need to find $10,000 in cash from other sources. You need to have the matching funds in hand when you apply for the grant.

It typically takes us 10 to 12 weeks to review applications. Global Business Development staff and industry stakeholders will review your application to:

  • ensure eligibility
  • consider your project’s fit in Colorado’s strategy for advanced industries
  • discuss concerns
  • make funding recommendations

People reviewing your application have a Master’s-level education or equivalent experience and are familiar with Colorado’s advanced industries.

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