Educational Services

Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo
Founded in 1979, the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo was created to serve as the much-needed voice for the fast-growing Hispanic business community and has since, evolved to serve as the needed voice for small businesses development in Southern Colorado. Our primary goal is to help individuals and companies accelerate growth and success.

With today’s challenging economy, it is essential that we provide those that invest in the Latino Chamber with the greatest value possible; therefore, offering relevant programs and services to help cast a wide net to increase business opportunities for member businesses and the community at large. As you navigate this website, we are confident that you will find great value in becoming a member if you are not already. Please take note of the membership directory as you will find a listing of many companies you can do business with today --- thank you in advance for supporting Latino Chamber members.
Apex Online School of Language
Apex Online School of Language utilizes psychoeducation, cognitive-based therapy (CBT) methods, and extended reality (XR) learning environments to develop cloud-based applications that instruct learners in their spoken languages and the English language.

Cloud-based educational services include Using federated machine learning models to predict students’ learning behaviors and deficiencies, where learning models personalize learning and lessons in their spoken languages (mother tongue) with the K 12 core curriculum.

Cloud-based learning model services include intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) that train algorithms to develop assessments, cognitive-based lessons, and testing to measure in real-time and improve learning outcomes.

Cloud-based user experience (UX) and development/ feedback includes General intellectual ability (reasoning, planning, solving problems, think abstractly, comprehending complex ideas), - reading and writing skills - math skills - executive functioning skills - rate of speed with reading - attention span
Strong Branch Learning
A tutoring company that supports K-12 students in-person and online. We tutor for all subjects including the SAT & ACT. Our students are empowered to find their form of independent learning, resulting in immediate and long term success in school.

Una empresa de tutoría que apoya a los estudiantes K-12 en persona y en línea. Damos clases particulares para todas las materias, incluido el SAT y ACT. Nuestros estudiantes están capacitados para encontrar su forma de aprendizaje independiente, lo que resulta en un éxito inmediato y a largo plazo en la escuela.
VAST Solutions LLC
VAST Solutions is a Small Business Administration (SBA) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that seeks to enhance the ability of Federal and State Agencies to provide support and care to Service Members, Veterans, and their families and caregivers through Veteran Advocacy, Security, and Training services.

VAST Solutions, LLC is comprised of capable, dedicated professionals with over 40 years of experience in bringing cost-effective solutions to complex problems in the government services sector.

Through our depth of knowledge, resources, and commitment to quality we manage contracts from start to finish, better than anyone.
Little Dreamers University
Little Dreamers University is an early education program, that enrolls children from the ages of six weeks old to five years old. This preschool will offer an engaging and competitive curriculum for all children of all developmental stages. Other than a stellar academic program the curriculum will also include age-appropriate technology programs, arts and crafts, and performing arts.
Gritly Inc.
Using its proprietary Upskilling Management System (UMS), Gritly collaborates with existing upskilling and workforce development programs to bolster its efforts. The system captures comprehensive data on each candidate's learning journey, providing a data-backed Candidate Profile, that gives a rich overview of who the candidate is and at what level they can do the job they have been trained for. The platform not only tracks individual skill acquisition but also presents in-depth outcomes reports for stakeholders, particularly those seeking ROI for government-funded endeavors.
GeekPack, Inc.
GeekPack is on a mission to close the digital skills gap and empower adult learners with the skills they need to grow successful careers and build thriving businesses in an increasingly technologically-focused world. It's time to bring new voices into the conversation and uplift communities who have been historically underestimated and underserved.
Through our GeekPack Partners program, we work directly with mission-driven organizations and employers to expand their reach by creating and delivering curated digital skills micro-pathways for accessible, efficient upskilling and reskilling. Our innovative approach layers industry-leading content with live facilitated demos and discussions in custom virtual community spaces for questions, peer knowledge sharing, support, and accountability.
Thy Food, Thy Medicine
Nutrition Health coaching: this program aims to help clients learn and practice wholesome eating to take control of their health. Crafting personal goals and learning from evidence-based nutritional advice are tools that help prevent and even reverse certain chronic diseases. Improving the way we eat and understanding why leads to better health. When paired with proper medical treatment, physical activity, mental awareness, and social support we grow to be healthier, better, and happier human beings.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates era (Maybe).
Trulvl, Inc.
Trulvl is a lifestyle and apparel brand for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial-spirited. We target stylish, culturally-conscious individuals who are motivated by the desire to level up in their lives, social environments, careers, and passion-driven pursuits.
Four Corners Excursions LLC
Four Corners Excursions provides daily tours and experiences, is based in Cortez, Colorado, Montezuma County, gateway to Mesa Verde, Ancient Ruins, the stunning and wild high country, lakes, forests, bike, hike and riding trails, combined with experiences we create for amazing and lasting memories.