image of Talia Bond

Bond, MBA

MBO Business Consultant

Talia is both a business owner and expert in marketing. She finds fulfillment by helping individuals and small business owners to elevate their brands and produce significant results.

Her professional experience and education gave her the foundation to start her first company, Collaborat LLC in 2013. The company began by offering translation services at first and, eventually, expanding to marketing and business consulting services. In this capacity, Talia has facilitated classes in marketing, business, expos and certifications for government contracting. Her main clients are the Minority Business Office for the estate of Colorado and the Denver Elections Division. For these government agencies, she helps businesses get certified with the City to grow their opportunities, offers business and marketing consulting, represents the Latino community during elections seasons by doing public relations and being the spokesperson, and does translation services. Outside of working with her clients, Talia keeps abreast of government opportunities in Colorado to share with her client base.

Talia is also the owner of PostNet, a marketing and shipping franchise. She started the business to help her clients with marketing tools to expand their client base and increase their sales. Talia consults and works with them to create their branding tools in a more cohesive way. From printing, design to promotional items, PostNet provides solutions to small businesses in all industries.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Talia has served in leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, where she managed the business operations, leadership and employee development. Talia’s leadership has translated to positive impact and measurable results within each role.

Talia received her MBA from Regis University, where she continues to honor the University’s mission to be of service to others. She enjoys collaborating and engaging with the community by sharing her knowledge and professional experience. She facilitated marketing and business courses in both languages in the Dual Language Program at Regis University where she felt a great sense of fulfillment by making a difference in students’ academic lives. Talia is also the Chair for ACCESO, advisory board to the Denver Elections Division, where she educates and encourages the Latino community on the importance of voting. Additionally, Talia’s love for the arts led her to join Museo de las Americas as board member where she collaborates to elevate the organization. She stands by the notion that success is the result of working together and elevating others.

Driven by fun, Talia finds fulfillment through her friendships, having a good laugh and not taking herself too seriously. She lives in Denver with her two daughters, husband and mother.