Small Business Leading Edge Training

Program Summary

The Small Business Leading Edge Training helps entrepreneurs start and operate a small business through courses that teach a foundation of finance, marketing, and management.

Leading Edge classes meet once a week for 10 to 15 weeks, as a five-day intensive boot camp, or as a nine-month extended coaching program. Leading Edge courses have 36 hours of intensive training taught by state-certified instructors. Classes vary by location. 

Current courses include:


Type: Education and training

For: Businesses

Cost: Varies, some scholarships available

OEDIT division: Small Business Development Center Network


Individual centers may also have scholarships available, so contact the Small Business Development Center nearest you for more information.

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Leading Edge courses are highly interactive to ensure participants learn as much from each other as they do from the instructor. Leading Edge participants will graduate from the program with a completed business plan in hand. Graduates are invited to a statewide ceremony each spring at the Governor’s Mansion, where top business plans receive prizes.

Find your local Small Business Development Center to register for upcoming classes.

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