Two documentaries produced by the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media to air on PBS12 this Friday

Two documentaries produced through the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media (COFTM) will air on PBS12 on Friday, May 13, 2022: 

Farm to Faucet at 7 p.m. 

Hemp: Colorado’s Next Green Rush at 7:30 pm

Farm to Faucet focuses on water rights in Colorado and the impacts of diverting water away from rural communities to urban environments. It was produced in partnership with The Water Desk at the University of Colorado Boulder, Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center at Adams State University, the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, First Southwest Community Fund and Moxiecran Media. 

Hemp: Colorado’s Next Green Rush looks at Colorado’s newest boom crop and the potential and challenges of hemp for growers and producers. It was produced in partnership with the Colorado State University (CSU) Journalism and Media Communication department. 

Both projects benefited from financial and production support through COFTM, including grant funding, crafting of concepts, and providing editorial feedback. 

“These documentaries raise awareness about important topics that shape the lives of Coloradans and our economy,” said Donald Zuckerman, COFTM Film Commissioner. “That’s exactly what this type of COFTM support is intended to do: highlight social impact stories that might not otherwise be shared.”  

“There’s no question that hemp is Colorado’s next boom crop. Hemp advocates and Colorado’s agricultural leaders have worked hard to promote its growth,” said Steve Weiss, journalism professor at CSU who led a team of student filmmakers for Hemp: Colorado’s Next Green Rush. “While the potential is undeniable, growing hemp also has its challenges. This film looks at the push and pull between the momentum and the hurdles that remain for growers and producers to overcome.” 

“Water has always been a key factor in the settlement and growth of the West and Colorado,” said Christi Bode Skeie, director of Farm to Faucet. “In this film I explore the pressure to transfer water from farms to towns and cities; more so, it’s about our society’s willingness to adapt as climate change increases pressure on this scarce resource.”  

Both documentaries may be viewed Friday, May 13 on PBS12 and are expected to be available for viewing online after the original airdate.