Colorado Supports Workforce in New Remote Work Reality with Certification Programs

DENVER -- The percentage of remote workers is expected to double this year, and more than two-thirds of employers expect remote work to be a permanent part of their staffing plans. Given the significant role that remote work will play in our evolving workforce, the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC), the Office of the Future of Work in the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC) have enlisted the online expertise of CSU Global to help prepare workers and employers to thrive in a virtual team environment.

Two online certificate programs have been designed -- one for supervisors and leaders and one for employees -- to help workers and employers alike succeed in a remote work environment. 

"COVID-19 has greatly accelerated the adoption of remote work across the world, and many will continue to work remotely after the pandemic has ended," said Joe Barela, CDLE's Executive Director. "These remote work courses will help workers and employers succeed with remote work arrangements in the long-term"

The course for workers provides participants with strategies for successful productivity, collaboration, and advancement within remote and hybrid work environments. The supervisor course provides managers and leaders with the best practices, tools, insights, and skills needed to effectively lead remote employees and teams. Both courses are applicable to any industry with remote teams.

“We are excited to partner with our sister state agencies and CSU Global to offer these courses that nicely complement our Location Neutral Employment Incentive (LONE),” said Sarah Andrews, Acting OEDIT Director. “Remote work was already on the rise and its adoption was accelerated by the pandemic. OEDIT works to ensure a business-friendly environment that encourages employers to hire the great talent that exists throughout our state. The LONE program and these certificates help establish that environment.” 

“We want to acknowledge the State of Colorado’s initiative by tackling this challenge head-on, and proactively developing the Remote Work Initiative that will prepare Colorado’s citizens for the future of work. CSU Global was designed for upskilling and educating nontraditional learners, and doing so entirely online, which made us well-equipped to partner with the state to bring this training program to life,” said Pamela Toney, president of CSU Global. “Together we are creating a path to long-term professional success by ensuring that Colorado workers are prepared to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow.”

The knowledge and skills learned through these certificate courses will help keep Colorado’s workforce connected, productive, and prepared for the future. 

The certificates are a component of Colorado’s broader Remote Work Initiative, which aims to:

  • Equip workers with skills needed to succeed in remote work environments
  • Strengthen Colorado’s ability to attract jobs, secure talent and retain a remote workforce
  • Provide a hub for remote work efforts in the state, highlighting innovative approaches, best practices, and shared resources for individuals, employers, and communities to adopt remote work strategies

"The partners of Colorado's talent development network are committed to serving the job seekers, workers, learners, and employers in our state," said Lee Wheeler-Berliner, managing director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council. "The launch of these certificate programs and the Remote Work Initiative more broadly illustrate how partners are collaborating and innovating to support a strong Colorado economy that works for everyone and create a future-ready workforce."

The Remote Work Initiative is a statewide collaborative effort that includes the CWDC, OEDIT, CDLE Office of the Future of Work, EDCC, Energize Colorado, The Department of Personnel & Administration, Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium, Colorado State University - Global, CSU Extension, DOLA and the State Libraries.

To learn more about the new certification programs, visit the CSU website.

To learn more about the Remote Work Initiative, visit CDLE remote work webpage