Man wearing a light great suit jacket, a white button down shirt with small black horizontal and vertical lines spaced out. Wearing a light brown leather belt and watch. The man is smiling and his hands are closed together and close to his face.

Peter LiFari

Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners

Peter F. LiFari is the Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners, a socially conscious public housing authority based in Adams County, Colorado. In his role as Executive Director, LiFari leads a passionate team committed to ending the cycle of generational poverty by providing individuals and families with access to affordable housing, support programs and by engaging in community development. LiFari is a compassionate visionary whose leadership style is grounded in treating individuals with empathy, warmth and grace.

LiFari is currently using his expertise to provide strategic guidance to Rocky Mountain Partnership as Co-Chair of their Steering Committee. Beyond his committee responsibilities, he sits on the board of directors for indieDwell, whose mission is to revolutionize the building industry by producing dwellings that better occupant health and well-being, improve the health of the environment and empower community. LiFari also serves on the NAHRO Board of Governors and as Chair of the National NAHRO Community Revitalization and Development Committee. In these roles, LiFari addresses a broad range of issues including affordable housing policy, economic vitality of cities and more. LiFari is a past Terry J. Stevenson Fellow at the Common Sense Institute and is frequently invited to showcase his expertise in affordable housing through local and national speaking engagements including panel discussions and podcasts.

LiFari is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. He earned his MFA from Queens College and his MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology.