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Creekside Endodontics has the highest rated Lone Tree endodontics specialists who can keep you safe and comfortable during your root canal treatment with sedation dentistry and other patient amenities, including GentleWave root canal therapy. We offer three great dental sedation options, including: nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation. Additionally, we have massaging dental chairs, soft pillows and warm blankets to keep you comfortable.
Dr. Andrew Stubbs, Lone Tree endodontics specialist, has the advanced root canal training and education to provide top quality root canal treatment and other endodontic services. Lone Tree endodontist Dr. Stubbs is the first endodontist in southeast Denver to provide Gentle Wave root canal treatment. Dr. Stubbs was nominated as a Top Lone Tree Endodontist in 5280 Magazine!
Endodontists solve problems related to the dental pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth that holds the living tissues and cells. If the pulp becomes injured, it can result in serious pain and sensitivity. Root canal treatment removes the infection and pulp tissue and restores your dental health. Endodontist's training make them uniquely qualified to handle the most difficult endodontic treatments, including: root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, apicoectomy, cracked teeth and dental trauma. Not only do we care about giving you a healthier smile, but we also want you to have a spectacular root canal experience with us.
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