TEMPLATE: CRAFT Case Study: [Project, County]

[Linked Participant] was awarded a CRAFT Mentor program by the Colorado Tourism Office in [season and year]. The objective of this CRAFT Mentor program was [objective].

Located in [County or region], [Participant]’s mission is [mission]. [Include programs and other brief and relevant information such as program offerings or target audience.]

CRAFT Mentor Program Results

The Colorado Tourism Office matched [Participant] with [Mentor], a CRAFT Mentor with experience [experience details] to achieve the following outcomes:

  • [Outcome #1 using implementation funding] [Details on Outcome #1, including links to reports where relevant]
  • [Outcome #2] [Details on Outcome #2, including links to reports where relevant]
  • [Outcome #3] [Details on Outcome #3]

“[Quote from Project Lead]”

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About CRAFT Mentor


The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) developed the Colorado Rural Academy For Tourism (CRAFT) to support communities across the state integrate tourism into their economic development strategies and develop new visitor experiences aimed at attracting increased traveler spending.  

The CRAFT Recovery Mentor program provides up to 50 hours of mentoring for Colorado tourism partners to advance one or more tourism strategies that bolsters their response to a recent crisis or natural disaster.


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