Greeley: A New Colorado Creative District

Greeley, Colorado obtained official Creative District certification in 2014 from the Colorado Creative Industries. Ever since, Greeley has continued to creatively expand alongside other creative districts throughout Colorado. Exciting best describes the climate encompassed by the Greeley Creative District, which blends the historic downtown development and university districts in a continuum of dynamic and complementary uses.

In the initial year of certification, Greeley had a total of 675 creative jobs. A $2.2 million gain was achieved in total creative industry earnings after the initial year of certification, which resulted in $22.9 million total industry earnings. Nonprofit revenues increased by 38% resulting in $584,700 total revenues.

Creative district certification is representative of Greeley’s creative vitality and artists such as performance art and speed painter, Armando Silva. Below is a video of Silva and his work.