Creative Capitol Exhibit: Artworks by Colorado Landscape Artists

Artworks by Colorado Landscape Artists has been selected for the Creative Capitol Exhibition. The exhibit will be active from February to April 2016.

Landscape painting became its own genre in the early 19th century, and derives its name from the Dutch word Lanschap, which means a patch of cultivated ground. The works in this exhibition feature various grounds often found in Colorado, and capture both nature’s beauty and the elements it endures. The selection of artists reflect styles from contemporary and representational to traditional; a diversity which allows the viewer to appreciate a particular mountain from the Rocky Mountains or explore an ambiguous forest.

The exhibition includes artworks by the following artists:

Stephen Day, Hollis Dunlap, David Grossmann, Daniel Keys, Warren Neary, John Roush, Scott Ruthven, Dave Santillanes, Andrzej Skorut, Matt Smith, Robert Spooner, and Mike Wise

Artworks by Colorado Landscape Artists