#Shoplocal cannabis businesses for 4/20

With 420 once upon a time being the “secret code” for cannabis, it is no news that now 4/20 has made it on the calendar for the cannabis industry. Since Colorado’s legalization of marijuana in 2014, the cannabis industry has been on a steady incline with record-breaking sales of $2.2 billion in 2021.

With around 2,800 cannabis businesses in Colorado and employing over 35,500 people, competition is strong and in order to stand out in this industry, businesses need to be unique and innovative. When shopping to celebrate 4/20 this year, consider checking out these local businesses: 

Akta, Carbondale: Started by award-winning hash-makers, Akta has cannabis-infused products that are made with authentic, hand-crafted, terpene-rich, solventless hash oil. Check out their selection of live heads, live rosin batter, live rosin vape carts, and live rosin gummies.    

Dutch Botanicals, Aurora: Dutch Botanicals is an industry leader in adopting a living soil approach to cannabis horticulture. Living soil provides a variety of benefits and nourishment to the plants, as well as protecting watersheds which improve local ecosystems. Check out their impressive list of strains they grow. 

Eclipse Dispensary, Boulder: If you’re looking to get to a level out of this world, check out Eclipse Dispensary, a space-themed shop with knowledgeable experts. They have a large selection of products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes and cartridges, topicals, and other accessories. 

Flyhi, Denver and Aurora: You won’t have to leave your house on 4/20 if you use this women-owned business - a new cannabis delivery service which allows customers to search for products they want and place an order for a Flyhi driver to deliver to their front door. Check out the map to see if your zip code is in the delivery service coverage. 

LucidMood, products sold statewide: Whatever vibe you want to set for your 4/20, LucidMood has got you covered. Choose a vape pen to match your mood: Centered & Focused, Calm & Engaged, Energized & Outgoing, Romantic & Euphoric, Relaxed & Dreamy. 

Simply Pure, Denver: Thanks to Wanda James’ advocacy and leadership in the cannabis industry, we are able to celebrate 4/20 more freely than in years past. Wanda and her husband Scott Durrah, a professional chef and entrepreneur, co-own Simply Pure, the first black-owned legally licensed cannabis business in America. You can shop their products online or in their store in Denver. 

Smokey’s, Garden City and Fort Collins: Smokey’s specializes in small batch sustainable cannabis using living soil methods while also actively supporting social equity endeavors in the cannabis space. In addition to their wide variety of products, you can find educational resources around the benefits of cannabis on their website.

Soiku Bano, Denver: These two Cuban American brothers (Soiku Bano is a twist on “Soy Cubano” meaning “I am Cuban”) have perfected the solventless extract process for live rosin. Check out their live rosin pearls and other concoctions.

Tetra Lounge, Denver: Looking to kick back and partake with other people who enjoy the art of cannabis? Tetra Lounge is a private consumption lounge and offers events, games, DJ sets and daily smoke sessions. 

Wana, Boulder: Wana does not only make vegan, terpene-enhanced, melt-proof edibles, they also have a mission to enhance people’s lives through the power of cannabis and focus specifically on issues surrounding food security, housing, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ rights, and racial justice within the cannabis industry.

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