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Program Summary

The Cannabis Business Office is excited to offer a pilot program entitled Access to Experts! Qualifying subject matter experts (“Experts”) will provide services in compliance, marketing, and financial consulting at low or no cost to Social Equity Licensee cannabis businesses, as set forth and defined in statute at section 44-10-103(68.5), C.R.S. and section 44-10-308(4)-(5), C.R.S. and delineated below. 

To be eligible for the Access to Experts program as a Social Equity Licensee, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Is a Colorado resident;
  • Has not been the beneficial owner or a license subject to disciplinary or legal action from the State resulting in revocation of a license issued under Marijuana regulations,
  • Has demonstrated at least one of the following: 
    • Applicant has resided for at least 15 years between 1980 and 2010 in a census tract designated by OEDIT as an Opportunity Zone or designated as a "Disproportionate Impacted Area" (defined at section 44-10-203(1)(j), C.R.S.); or
    • Applicant or applicant's parent, legal guardian, sibling, spouse, child, or minor in their guardianship was arrested for a marijuana offense, convicted of a marijuana offense, or was subject to civil asset forfeiture related to a marijuana investigation; or
    • Applicant’s household income in the year prior to application did not exceed 50% of the state median income as measured by the number of people who reside in the applicant's household; AND
  • The Social Equity Licensee, or collectively one or more Social Equity Licensees, holds at least 51% of the beneficial ownership of the regulated marijuana business license.

For more information about social equity licenses, please read the eligibility requirements.

The Cannabis Business Access to Experts Technical Assistance program offers social equity licensed cannabis businesses the opportunity to work directly with subject matter experts. Businesses will receive program management and financial support in the execution of projects that require costly subject matter experts. Businesses will have access to marketers, compliance experts, and financial consultants. Learn more about the packages that will be provided.

Experts in the marketing, compliance, or financial consulting fields can learn more about how to register to participate.

This Technical Assistance program is now open. Click here to learn how to access experts


Type: Technical assistance
For: Social Equity Licensed Cannabis Businesses
Cost: Low or no cost
Registration period: Rolling enrollment
OEDIT division: Cannabis Business Office

All packages will require a 30-minute introductory meeting at no cost to determine necessary scope of work. Experts may not bill for the introductory meeting or preparation thereof. 


All compliance experts will provide services at $300/hour. Any additional fees incurred will be the sole responsibility of the Program Participant.

  1. SOP Development
    1. Development of SOPs for one facility.
    2. Maximum cost covered by the CBO is $5000.
      1. Program Participant will likely need to use their own funds to receive a complete suite of SOPs.
  2. Compliance Audit
    1. Full business audit to determine compliance, identify areas of non-compliance, and suggest corrective action with follow up audit to ensure correct actions are in proper placement.
    2. Maximum cost covered by the CBO is $2000.


Marketing packages will be provided sequentially, meaning Brand Identity or an approved alternative must be completed prior to engaging in additional marketing packages.

  1. Brand identity
    1. Complete a brand development process, which includes:
      1. Logo development with three initial designs and two iterations on one of the initial designs.
      2. Brand book provided with vision and mission, brand colors, typography, and voice and tone.
    2. Maximum cost covered by the CBO is $5000.
  2. Go to market strategy
    1. Two initial meetings at one hour each.
      1. Identification of ideal customer profiles with suggested messaging for each profile and suggested marketing channels to reach ideal customers
      2. Competitive analysis.
    2. Maximum cost covered by the CBO is $5000.
  3. Website development
    1. Initial meetings totaling three hours to determine the look and feel of the website. Website built including copywriting, design, image sourcing, implementation and launch. Two iterations of feedback and edits with one final meeting prior to launch. Maximum of five pages.
      1. Included functionalities: mobile and tablet responsive, connect to existing social media platforms, H1 tags, metadata for SEO, age verification, support business in the process of purchasing one URL, “Find Us” plug-in (only if funds allow and remain within cap).
      2. Functionalities NOT included: e-commerce, event booking, subscription or log in, host subscription, other recurring costs.
    2. Maximum cost covered by CBO is $5000
  4. Package design
    1. One initial meeting. Design of compliant packaging with three design options, two iterations and two SKUs with guidance from expert on cost efficiency and best practice.
    2. Maximum cost covered by CBO is $3000.
  5. Social media starter
    1. One initial meeting at one hour to establish social media presence across three platforms.
      1. Brand analysis and social identity.
      2. Acquire social media handles.
      3. Profile form field optimization.
      4. Profile graphics. 
      5. Follow/engage list for one platform. 
      6. One month template content calendar (days and times) with one hour training on compliance and best practices. 
    2. Maximum cost covered by CBO is $2000.

Financial Consulting

Program Participants that request the Pitch Deck Development package must meet be operational.

  1. Pitch Deck Development
    1. Support and training on creation and presentation of a 10 slide pitch deck.

Eligible cannabis businesses must:

  • Have 51% of the business owned by a Social Equity Licensee(s) from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division;
  • Have been awarded or started an application for a Regulated Business License from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and the local licensing authority where the business intends to operate;
  • Be in Good Standing with the Colorado Secretary of State; and
  • Complete the associated module on the CannaBusiness Growth Technical Assistance Program.
    • Ex. If business applies to receive financial consulting services, the business owner must complete the finance module within the CannaBusiness Growth program.

Submit a Project Proposal

  1. The Social Equity Licensee program participant (“Program Participant”) identifies the type(s) of project they wish to complete from a list of options. 
  2. Business submits a project proposal form. Please read the information at the top of the form carefully and reach out to the CBO program manager with questions.
  3. Business reviews the Business Participation and Legal Disclaimer to ensure its ability to comply with program protocol.
  4. Our team will review your proposal and may request additional documentation. If the proposal does not yet meet the qualifications, the CBO will work with the Program Participant to create a proposal that meets the requirements. Proposals will be reviewed according to the order in which they are received. 
    1. Note: It may take up to six weeks to review and issue a determination.
  5. Upon approval of the proposal, CBO will meet with the Program Participant to review the parameters of the program. At this time, the Program Participant will be able to select the expert they would like to work with. Program Participant can make this choice in one of two ways:
    1. Request to work with a specific expert they already have a working relationship with; OR
    2. Choose an expert from the directory of those participating in the program.
  6. If the Program Participant chooses to select an already participating expert from the directory, Program Participant is required to complete their own, independent research to identify which expert to work with.
  7. Once the Program Participant selects the expert, CBO will meet with the Program Participant and expert to determine the scope of the package, the timeline, and payment.


  1. All social equity license holders may apply to the program.
  2. The program will open three to four times per year. Each open period, or cycle, will have a duration of three months:
    1. Month One: Project proposals will be processed on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to applicants that have received a Cannabis Business Grant.
    2. Month Two:  Project proposals will be processed on a first come first serve basis, with NO priority given to applicants that have received a Cannabis Business Grant.
    3. Month Three: The project proposal form will close during the third month of the quarter in order to ensure capacity to process project proposals submitted during the first two months of the quarter.

Program participants will not be allowed to access the program a second time unless there are no other first-time users in the queue. If the program reaches capacity, operational businesses will be prioritized.


Eligible subject matter experts must:

  • Be in Good Standing with the Colorado Secretary of State;
  • Provide valid verification, certification, license, credentials, or other require documentation for association specialty area;
  • Agree to and sign the CBO’s Expert Standards and Guidelines
  • Demonstrate cannabis industry expertise in their subject matter with either:
    • 18 months experience; or 
    • Completed at least 10 client projects
  • Preference will be given to those that demonstrate a commitment to furthering social equity in the cannabis industry.

How to participate in the program as an expert

  1. Review the CBO’s Expert Standards and Guidelines to ensure ability to comply with requirements and review the predetermined types of packages. 
  2. Submit the Expert Registration Form. Please read the information at the top of the form carefully and reach out to the program manager with any questions. 
  3. Upon receipt and verification of your registration form, the CBO will set up a short meeting to discuss the program guidelines.
  4. Experts meeting program requirements will become a participating expert.
    1. Note: The directory will include the expert’s name, website, resume or portfolio, cannabis industry experience, and a short description of their expertise. This information will be collected by the Program Manager from the expert prior to adding the expert to the Directory. 
    2. This directory will not be accessible on the CBO website but will be made available upon request. 
  5. Expert’s services will be offered to Program Participants when their subject matter area is requested by a CBO Program Participant.


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