January 2021 Care for Colorado Monthly Messaging: Winter Safety

Winter-Safety Messaging

As part of the Coalition, you have access to monthly messaging to encourage stewardship of Colorado's precious resources. See below for messages you are welcome to share throughout January to promote winter safety, and watch for themed monthly messaging to share throughout 2021.

The message for January: Protect Colorado Winter Backcountry and Stay Safe. Know Before You Go, Recreate Responsibly, Care for Colorado and Take the Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Pledge. Feel free to share all assets below throughout January on your own channels. Please pass along to your partners and members to share as well.

Backcountry Winter-Safety Messaging

Winter-Safety Social Media Posts

Use one (or all) of these ready-made social posts or create your own with stills, photos, videos and articles provided below.

  • Winter is a great time to get outdoors, but make sure you take extra care and plan ahead and prepare. This should include bringing any necessary avalanche safety items, a means to make a fire and light, and informing someone of your itinerary. Practicing the #LeaveNoTrace principle will ensure you stay safe AND minimize your impacts. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • Did you know wildfires can survive all winter? As long as there’s oxygen and organic material to burn, fires can hide under snowfall and reignite in spring. So in winter remember to #BeCarefulwithFire and avoid building fires on organic material and when you're done be sure to extinguish your fire so it’s cool to the touch. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • No one loves hiking in the snow more than our furry companions. However, no one enjoys seeing dog waste, even bagged dog waste, littering the trails. The next snowstorm may temporarily hide that brown pile, but once the snow melts that waste will still be there. Be sure to always pick up after your pets and pack out all bagged dog waste to the nearest trash can. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace

Winter-Safety Facebook Images, Instagram Images, Banners, Videos & Photos

Use these to further illustrate your messaging or content.

Winter-Safety Article for Sharing

If sharing a Leave No Trace article on your website or blog, please include the following: This article has been reprinted with the permission of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: www.LNT.org.

January Events

Develop themed messaging/content around weeks, days or information.

  • International Snowmobile Safety Week: Jan. 16–24
  • Colorado First-Day Hikes: Jan. 1, 2021 — State parks promote nationally and Colorado participates (not a free-admittance day)
  • Colorado Boat Registrations: Due Jan. 1 each year and valid Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2021 (83,780 registrations in FY2020; motorized boats and sailboats, not canoes, kayaks or paddleboards). Registration includes a fee for Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) and boat inspections (resident and non-resident fees).
  • Non-Game Tax checkoff on Colorado Income Tax forms: Jan. 1–April 15
  • Hunting and Fishing License Plate: Jan. 1–Dec. 31

More Winter-Safety-Related Resources To Share From Care for Colorado Stewardship Partner & Member Websites

Recommendations on How to Share Care for Colorado & Winter-Safety Resources

  • On social channels
  • On websites
  • In e-blasts
  • In a signature box
  • On closed-circuit television
  • In a reservation confirmation
  • In blogs
  • In visitor centers
  • In-room
  • At a campground or RV site
  • At your front desk

Thank you for your commitment to Colorado Stewardship. Next up, in February, the theme for messaging will be Care for Colorado Wildlife to highlight these CFC Principles: Keep Wildlife Wild and Leave It As You Find It.

Even more is available on the Care for Colorado content hub on COLORADO.com, your main resource for promoting stewardship and responsible tourism — including the Care for Colorado Principles, videos, brochures, downloadable posters and more.