Extraction Production to begin in Grand Junction

Those traveling through Grand Junction and the surrounding area in the next few weeks may run into some not-so-native creatures. The feature film production of Extraction is underway in the Grand Mesa.

Extraction is an action-driven horror film about an elite squad of soldiers who must extract a vaccine from a quarantine zone inhabited by deadly creatures. Filming starts August 1 with both student filmmakers and veterans supplementing a professional cast and crew. 

The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media (COFTM) worked with producer Arielle Brachfeld and director Hank Braxtan to bring the project to Colorado which could have an economic impact up to $818,203 using the industry multiplier.

“With current technology, films can be made anywhere. By choosing to film on the beautiful Western Slope, we are able to add a countless amount of scenic production value. The director, Hank Braxtan, and I are both from Colorado and are excited to show off our incredible home state on-screen,” said Brachfeld.

“This project not only provides an influx of economic activity into Mesa County but also creates quality, competitive wage job opportunities for both students and veteran filmmakers,” said Donald Zuckerman, Film Commissioner at COFTM. “It will also increase the visibility of Colorado’s scenic beauty in a feature film which is a known factor in future film opportunities and tourism.”

The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media attracts and facilitates content creation in Colorado to generate economic growth. It promotes the state's film and television industry locally, nationally, and internationally while highlighting Colorado's unique rural landscapes.

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