MyBizColorado Registration Tool

Program Summary

MyBizColorado is the official filing tool for the State of Colorado and the fastest way to register and manage a business. MyBizColorado asks you a number of questions to identify what you’re trying to accomplish. Depending on your answers, you will be guided to submit the forms required for your business. All submitted forms will automatically be sent to the appropriate agency.

You can use MyBizColorado to

  • register your business with the Colorado Secretary of State
  • get a sales tax license and a wage withholding account from the Colorado Department of Revenue
  • get an employer’s unemployment account from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
  • If you are encountering issues with MyBizColorado, trying to undo an action done through MyBizColorado or did not get, or got a receipt for the wrong amount, please contact 303-534-3468 or email support@www.colorado.gov

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Type: Consulting/technical assistance

For: Entrepreneurs and businesses

OEDIT division: Small Business Development Center Network

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