Women's Business Enterprise National Council Certification (WBENC)

Olive & Finch
Olive & Finch is a Denver-based food and beverage company that creates scratch-made selections of gourmet bakery goods, sandwiches, quiches, salads, and soups. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a selection of coffees, sodas, juices, wine, and beer. Olive & Finch also offers catering for corporate and private events. Pre-packaged meals and ready-to-heat entrees are also available.

7am - 5pm Daily | 7 days a week

Epic Broadband Solutions
An Established Network Connectivity And Expansion Solutions Provider Delivering Exceptional Value Since 2001. We are committed to offering technology and broadband solutions that provide clear business value through ethical, honest, and straightforward service.
Core Competencies
• Structured cabling for voice, video and data low voltage installations
• Specializing in Data Center solutions, office building environments and FTTH
• Telecommunications Room and cable infrastructure
• Outside Plant fiber and copper cabling
• CAT 5E and CAT6 copper patch cords
• Multimode, Singlemode and 10GB Fiber assemblies
• Racks and Cabinets for Telecommunications and Data Centers
• Network and Computer Hardware Resale
• Fuse Panels
• Fiber Testers
• SFP modules for network equipment
Luminosity Supply & Solutions
Founded in 1993, Luminosity Supply & Solutions is a certified woman owned lighting distributor and supply management company. We are manufacturer-neutral, so our focus is entirely on sourcing reliable, high quality, high efficiency, and cost-effective products. We design solution- oriented packages around our client’s goals, using a combination of industry experience, manufacturing partnerships, and logistical capabilities. We provide warranty administration, supply management and recycling. Luminosity Supply is skilled at claiming utility and manufacturer rebates for individual lighting purchases and lighting projects.

Luminosity Supply & Solutions is CERTIFIED M/WBE, SBE, DBE
with the City of Denver, RTD and WBENC
Markets served: Commercial, Multifamily and Government

PRODUCT SALES – LED, Energy efficient lamps, ballast, controls, fixtures, electrical products, light poles, digital message centers, LED Signs, COVID-19 Resources & Products and EV Charging Stations.

CONTROLS – We offer a wide range of control solutions for commercial applications, including lighting control panels, occupancy sensors,
automatic daylight controls, bi-level HID controls, DALI dimming controls, and plug load controls. Residential controls include architectural wiring devices, wireless RF controls, motion sensors and code-compliant vacancy sensors.

DIGITAL DISPLAYS – Through our powerful partnerships with elite digital sign manufacturers we offer our clients indoor and outdoor digital message centers, sports video displays and fixed-digital scoreboards.

customize decorative energy efficient lighting packages for multifamily units, apartments, base housing, and green buildings.

EMERGENCY LIGHTING – We stock a broad selection of commercial and industrial life safety and innovative emergency lighting products. We also have self-diagnostic units, energy-saving exit signs, hostile environment equipment and AC inverter power systems.

UV/GERMICIDAL PRODUCTS & HEALTHY WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS – UV Germicidal Disinfection Light Fixtures, Thermal Scanners, Personal Protective Screen Barriers (Sneeze Guards)

REBATE PROGRAMS – We are actively involved with the Xcel Energy rebate programs and can assist customers with taking advantage of these incentives.

Warranty Administration Supply Management Recycle Program
Assistance in Meeting Energy Compliance Codes – Dark Sky Compliance EV Charging Stations
5G Cellular Poles
Digital Message Centers
Sports Video Signs – Scoreboards LED Signs
Keystone Gifts LLC
Keystone Gifts is a woman and minority owned business creating sustainable and impactful promotional products for small to large businesses nationwide. We specialize in curating customized products that represent your business and brand in a professional and memorable way.
Acquilano, Inc.
Acquilano is a Denver-based interior architecture firm. Our workplace strategists act as the incubators of culture, transforming spaces into dynamic, effective environments where people love to work.
Apex Online School of Language
Apex Online School of Language provides ethnolinguistic educational consulting services for prekindergarten through grade 5 education. We provide language-based education courseware and multilingual learning resources and tools utilizing online courses and a virtual reality platform.

We develop and design customizable curriculum-based software, courseware, and virtual reality applications that teach language learning processes, language acquisition, cognitive thinking and pragmatic learning skills. Through contextualized learning (pragmatics), cyberlearners consciously and unconsciously learn a language before showing their language abilities using language textbooks and or pencil and paper.

Apex Online School of Language incorporates ecourses, mixed reality and virtual reality instructional lessons utilizing mother tongue languages. The lessons are enabled by learners with a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. To learn in a virtual setting, cyberlearners connect through the Internet to a mobile phone within a mixed/virtual reality headset

Elearners can first become skilled in their mother tongue language to develop their cognitive and receptive vocabulary skills, which are needed to communicate with family and communities. Secondly, elearners and cyberlearners use their receptive vocabulary language as the framework and scaffolding bridge for learning another language and becoming biliterate.

All learners can access cognitive level cloud-based applications to learn how to listen, speak, read, and write in their native languages and in the national language spoken and used in the country. A cloud-based learning management system provides customizable ethnolinguistic language-based lessons, gamification, subliminal learning, modeling in language, continuous assessments (placement, diagnostic, achievement, proficiency, and aptitude), learning documentation, and e-learning tracking and management.

As an educational psychologist and former instructional technology educator, I’ve identified how cybereducation can provide language-based and cognitive based learning, to include anywhere/anytime access to contextualized learning inside or outside of a physical learning environment.
Link Technologies
Link Technologies (Link Tech, LLC), a certified SDB, WOSB, DBE, and SBA 8(a) graduate established in 2000, is an IT professional services company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Link offers cost-effective, consulting-based solutions and is dedicated to helping clients solve the complex challenges created by today’s global business environment. Professional services in Information Technology, Project Management, Cyber Security and Information Assurance, Audit and Compliance, and Systems Integration are provided to major commercial clients and government entities at federal, state, and local levels. Link is a different kind of security company, here to help clients navigate the ever-evolving security landscape by offering unbiased perspectives from passionate cybersecurity experts combined with the client’s organizational expertise, which results in better decision making and a stronger security posture.
Bar & Cocoa
Bar & Cocoa is the premier purveyor of fine craft chocolate from all over the world. Once you’ve tasted real chocolate, the other stuff just won’t do. So we made sure everyone could taste the difference.

At Bar & Cocoa, we meticulously select our chocolate offerings. Each product we offer is crafted from fine quality cacao, making cocoa — not sugar or filler — the star ingredient. You can taste the uniqueness and complexity of different cacao origins with nuanced flavors, unlike mass-produced chocolate.

Ethics is a key ingredient to the world’s best chocolate. Bar & Cocoa’s selection supports a supply chain that is not only more transparent than fair trade or big-brand chocolate but also tastier! The makers we feature source their cacao through direct trade. Therefore, local cacao farmers are paid better and makers can nurture higher standards for premium quality cacao and sustainable agroforestry.
Half Baked Harvest
Half Baked Harvest established itself as a food blog in 2012. With an average of one million daily readers and almost 3 million Instagram followers, it has since established its presence as a true brand. In the fall of 2020, HBH launched a line with Etsy, and in the spring of 2121 will launch a product line with Over and Back. Co-Founder and Owner Tieghan Gerard has written two best-selling cookbooks, her second book, Half Baked Harvest Super Simple, was number two on the New York Times Bestseller List. Her third book will be released in the fall of 2021
Half Baked Harvest is a small women-owned business operating out of Silverthorne, CO