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LBT self Care
Holistic Self care company offering all natural hand made products, as well as services that assist in aligning your energetic self and managing life.
Fishers Peak Outfitters
We have an outdoor retail application in Trinidad, CO. It is a business owned by Carlos Lopez and Leigh Elliott-Lopez, a husband/wife duo. Fishers Peak Outfitters has just completed its first year of business. We sell outdoor clothing, shoes, fly fishing equipment, backpacking products and other accessories. We also have a fly fishing guide service for our area. We give directions to people visiting our area so they have more enjoyable adventures here in Southern Colorado. Lastly, Leigh uses our wall space to showcase her paintings as a gallery for her work.
Mx. Clothing LLC
The term “Mx.” originated as an alternative to the gendered labels of Ms./Mrs./Mr. It is a gender neutral title that honors gender-inclusivity and provides an additional naming option for individuals with nonbinary identities. Mx. Clothing celebrates this gender inclusivity through the production of our androgynous style of clothing that fits both body type and style. Our comfortable and creative brand is not limited by the confines of traditional gender norms, and encourages people to authentically express themselves through style and fashion. Mx. Clothing strives to create an environment for equitable collaboration. Mx. invites women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ persons to cohesively create, model, and network within their communities. Mx. Clothing hopes to provide economic and developmental opportunities for individuals who connect with the mission and vision of promoting gender freedom and self-expression.
Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions LLC
At Rocky Mountain Hygienic Solutions, we apply the treatment of Nordic Chem through our United States and Global Distributor, Safe .R World. Nordic Chem is an antimicrobial protectant surface coating that is applied to any surface or substrate in your business, office, school, or residence. This EPA and FDA certified water-based solution will adhere to any substrate, and create a new surface. This new surface is embedded with antimicrobial nanotechnology that attacks and compromises the cell walls of microbes and pathogens, killing these harmful cells. It also is designed to minimize the transfer of pathogens by treating all major surface touch points within any type of environment. The best thing is that this protection will last 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on average up to 30 days!

Contemporary cleaning solutions utilize disinfectants and harmful chemical cleaners that are only effective for short periods of time. These surfaces will need to be cleaned and disinfected repeatedly, multiple times a day. The need to clean and disinfect repeatedly is costly, inefficient, and time consuming. The usage of these harmful chemicals can become harmful to the environment as well as all of the surfaces that they are applied to, significantly reducing the life span of these surfaces.
Chuan's Promise LLC
Chuan's Promise is a Denver-based natural skincare brand focused on sustainability and inclusivity
Gojo Auto
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Boutique Used Car Dealership
Store 7994
My company is an online clothing company started in Denver CO. Eventually I would like to open a brick & mortar store locally somewhere showcasing imported goods out of ITALY.
Eternal Balance Candles
At Eternal Balance Candles, we strive to bring you a luxury soy wax candle that does more than just uplift your space. We carefully craft a candle brand that challenges you to live each day intentionally and provides relaxation. We are a brand focused on mental health and self-care. We provide access to a product that is sure to elevate your self-care routine.
Dora'l Cleaning Services LLC
Dora'l Cleaning Services LLC brings dedication and reliability to commercial cleaning services by helping customers keep their place of business looking and feeling its best.

Dora'l offers contract-free services, flexible schedules, affordable pricing, and free in-person estimates!

Shalawalla Gallery and Gift Shop features batik fine art, scarves and accessories by Beth Evans and Jonathan Evans. Batik classes are offered in the studio on the premises. You will also find pottery and jewelry by various artists and fair trade gifts.