Rocky Mountain Protective Service LLC

"Rocky Mountain Protective Service LLC (“RMPS”) is a security corporation offering an extensive line of security and personal protection services. The firm consists of one principal officer with an industry experience of more than 10 years. RMPS is a Limited Liability Company based in El Paso County. The firm is owned and operated by its principal investor. Our primary office is located in the city of Colorado Springs, CO while extending services to other neighboring communities. Our firm’s primary target market is the Colorado Springs Region, with a focus market segment within our geographic market that includes the federal government, state government, residential, commercial, personal protection for high profile, high risk, individuals, and security consulting and training services.

Comprehensive List of Security Services
Who and what we secure: Our clients are as vast and diverse as is the city and the surroundings areas in which we secure. They range from Oil and Gas, Retail, Restaurant, Banks and other financial institutions, Property Management, Construction and Highway Construction, Manufacturing and Industrial, Hotels and hospitality, Healthcare and Disaster Response, Law Enforcement and Government.

Estate Security & Property Management: RMPS Estates Security& Property Management service provides absentee owners with the peace of mind in knowing that their home or investment property is well protected while they are not there to watch over it.
Our Services Include:

Deterring vandalism, theft and trespassers on your property.
Providing professional response to emergency situation and quick notification of local law enforcement.
Providing safety and fire watch.
Helping to promote a safe workplace environment.
Performing set patrol services or random patrol patterns.
Serving as stand-by for water leaks, power outages, special coverage needs.
Conducting vehicle patrol, foot patrol, lock checks, interior and/or exterior checks and parking lot checks.

Event Security: RMPS offers our clients a comprehensive and effective security system that takes the inherent risk and dangers out if coordinating events. Our operatives are trained in personal security and crowd control tactics that will ensure that the protection of our client and the safety of their guest will never be compromised.
Our Event Security Service Includes:
Evacuation plans and coordinated strategies with local law enforcement through our governmental liaison division.
On-site security review in order to improve or initiate preventative measures.
Corporate event security, including but not limited to, terminations, board meetings, union meetings, shareholder meetings, and other corporate sponsored events.
Access Control.
Alcohol Management.
Artist Escorts.
Badge Checks and Greeters.
Entrance Security Screening.
Floor/Stage Security.
Incident Documentation.
Parking Lot & Tailgating Security.
Patron Removal.
Perimeter Security.
Response Room Team.
Specialized Details to meet your Security needs.

Uniformed Security Division: RMPS recognizes the importance for our clients to limit shrinkage and implement loss prevention techniques. Our uniformed security specialists are trained to the highest standard in the industry.
Our Uniformed Security Division provides our clients with:
Access Control.
Vehicle Patrol.
Reception/ Concierge Services.
Court house security.
Perimeter/ Walking Patrol.
EMT/ First Responder.
Gate House Services.
Control Room/ CCTV Monitoring.

Security Consulting, Training and Risk Analysis: Our management team will provide our clients with a diverse line of services that will assist them in the analysis, training, and planning of internal initiatives. RMPS provides comprehensive, objective, written reviews and analysis of client facilities, including their current security measures. We also assist in developing key staff analysis. Our comprehensive consulting service provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of their firm’s current security health and provides detailed plans to aid them in developing security processes and programs that are in-line with the specific facility needs.

Client Centric Approach

At RMPS we strive to offer our clients a truly integrated network and global approach in everything we do whether it’s cultivating stakeholder relationships, developing though leadership platforms, creating digital strategies or breakthrough ideas that translate across cultures and borders. Our global reach offers us a unique opportunity to customize teams to be successful which helps our clients achieve their business goals.
While each client is unique, standards of excellence are universal. That’s why we’ve built global programming guidelines to provide a standard approach to creating the strategy and idea to the tactical programs and measurement. Our team of senior strategists and creative thinkers partner with account leads to offer our clients a continuous flow of fresh new thinking and game changing ideas. Because at our core, what we’re all about is successfully supporting every client, every day."
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