The Colorado Employee Ownership Office Welcomes New Commissioner Appointees and Announces Chair and Vice Chair

DENVER- The Colorado Employee Ownership Office (EOO) at the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announces the new chair and vice chair of the Employee Ownership Commission, and welcomes Governor appointees Yessica Xytlalli Holguin, Whitney Johnson and Chuong M. Le as commission members.

The Employee Ownership Commission voted for Jason Wiener as chair and Jen Briggs as vice chair. Jason Wiener is the founder and principal of Jason Wiener|p.c., the first law practice organized as a public benefit corporation in Colorado. Wiener has years of experience in legal and business consulting to build a regenerative and more sustainable economy through employee ownership models. Jen Briggs is a senior strategy consultant at The Beyster Institute. The institute works to advance the understanding and practice of employee ownership as an effective and responsible business model. The chair and vice chair will work together to lead the Commission in setting goals, tracking progress and increasing efficiency and success of the Commission as a whole. 

The three new Governor appointees bring a wealth of experience. Yessica Xytlalli Holguin is the executive director of Center for Community Wealth Building, an organization that promotes strategies for a sustainable economy. She does work around building a more inclusive and equitable business climate. Whitney Johnson is the program officer at the Gates Family Foundation. Johnson has extensive experience working on community development and economic self-sufficiency throughout Colorado. Chuong M. Le is an attorney with 3i Law and will offer insight into the legal side of employee ownership conversions. They will serve on the Commission until their term expires June 15, 2024. 

“We welcome the Governor’s appointments of these three commissioners who bring new perspectives and knowledge to the Commission. They will undoubtedly help further the work of the Commission, making employee ownership more accessible to Coloradans across the state,” said Betsy Markey, executive director at OEDIT.

The Commission was established by Governor Polis in April 2019 to support the efforts of the Colorado Employee Ownership Office. The commission is tasked with establishing a network of technical support for businesses seeking employee ownership, educating businesses and communities on the benefits of becoming employee-owned and identifying and removing any barriers to the development of employee-owned businesses. 

“The Commission supports the development and advancement of employee owned businesses by creating technical support, educating businesses and communities on the economic and community benefits of employee-owned businesses,” said the official press release from the Governor’s Office

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