Mr. Delmendo’s Kids to premiere on Saturday on PBS 12

DENVER (August 11, 2021) -- “Mr. Delmendo’s Kids”, a documentary short created by students at the Denver School of the Arts under the leadership of Amy McGrath, co-director of the Video Cinema Arts Department, will premiere on PBS 12 on Saturday, August 14 at noon. This documentary short was funded by the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media’s (COFTM) Film Education Grant program

“These types of projects inspire us and remind us of the potential of the creative content industry,” said Kelly Baug, Deputy Film Commissioner. “We hope that others are as moved as we were seeing this documentary and knowing these students in front of and behind the camera are our future directors, producers and creatives.” 

“Mr. Delmendo’s Kids” is the story of a Northeast Denver teacher who has been working for years to impact the lives of his students by preparing them for the rigorous audition process of Colorado’s premiere Arts Middle/High School, Denver School of the Arts. It is a story about the power of art, the power of education, and the impact that one teacher can have to make life better for students.

Amy McGrath stated, “This film was created by three senior filmmakers who were inspired by the stories of their peers who had come through Mr. Delmendo’s program. Production started in February of 2020, and the students finished the edit during the early stages of the COVID lockdown. It was inspiring to see our young filmmakers pivot to working together virtually, and finish this piece during a time of great stress, and we’re delighted about its television debut. Mr. Delmendo retired in May of 2020 and we’re happy that this film can honor his legacy and tell the stories of the many students whose lives were changed by this outstanding teacher.”

This project was supported by the COFTM Film Education Grant program. Film Education Grants provide up to $5,000 for local colleges, universities, and high schools to fund a specific creative project for students. Schools produce an original documentary during one semester. Through the creative process of filmmaking, television production, or game design, students gain hands-on experience. Students also receive a working credit to increase their potential for future industry jobs.

You can watch “Mr. Delmendo’s Kids” on PBS 12 via livestream or broadcast by finding your local channel

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