Colorado Tourism Office Sponsors Impact Pitch at International Women’s Forum

DENVER (August 25, 2021) -- The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) will sponsor a portion of the International Women’s Forum, coming to Denver September 23 and 24, 2021. 

IWF Colorado, in partnership with neighboring Forums in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri and New Mexico, will welcome IWF members from around the world. Over the 2-day event, conference attendees will hear from leaders who are recognized experts on innovation, new ideas, and breakthroughs that will drive prosperity into our futures through health, water and energy, technology, and funding. 

The closing event will be an interactive Impact Pitch session by nonprofits, hosted by CTEK, a global technology collaborative, and the Colorado Tourism Office. During the session, attendees will hear from organizations that empower women and/or girls, and vote for the one they think has the greatest opportunity for success and to be transformative for clients these nonprofits serve. The nonprofit with the most votes will receive a $10,000 cash award to implement their idea, made possible by the Colorado Tourism Office. 

Pitching nonprofits who impress IWF members may also receive additional support such as funding, consulting services, or access to products.

“This conference brings approximately 7,000 women from 33 countries on six continents, women who historically spend an additional seven days in the conference destination to explore and travel,” said Jill Corbin, Interim CTO Director. “Additionally, we know from the UN Global Business Report that the majority of people employed in the tourism industry are women at 54 percent and that the wage gap is smaller in the tourism industry - women in tourism earn 14.7 percent less than men. Finally tourism offers women great opportunities for leadership and the IWF is all about empowering women.”

The Pitch Session opportunity and application is open to all 501c3 nonprofit organizations that have initiatives which empower women and/or girls, and have ties to Colorado. 
Applications are due by end of business on September 1, 2021. For more information and to apply, visit the application page.