Colorado Minority Business Office Supports World Trade Center Denver Global Trade Activator Program

The Minority Business Office of Colorado (MBO) joins World Trade Center Denver in supporting its launch of the Global Trade Activator program

The Global Trade Activator program is a technical assistance program administered by the World Trade Center. Funding for the program comes from the World Trade Center Denver, Colorado Minority Business Office and the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network. This four- to six-month accelerator program helps small  and medium size business entrepreneurs develop and implement their global trade strategy. Recipients will learn how to export their products to new markets and/or source international products to more competitively sell in the United States.

The MBO previously administered a successful global trade program, Leading Edge for International Opportunities. To reduce duplication and take advantage of the economies of scale, the MBO will now partner with WTC to support its Global Trade Activator Program, designed to give small- and medium-sized businesses a competitive edge in the global trade market.

The Minority Business Office is providing scholarships to ten qualifying minority-owned businesses to take part in the program. 

“We look forward to supporting these ten minority participants as they develop their global trade strategy,” said Glenn Plagens, director of business support and rural prosperity at the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), where the MBO is housed.  “We have seen countless success stories come from the Leading Edge for International Opportunities program, so we are excited to become a partner with the World Trade Center Denver to continue our support of international trade opportunities.”

After completing the program, minority-owned business participants will be able to apply for an international trade grant up to $4,500, offered by OEDIT, and may apply for a Certificate of International Trade at an additional cost, accredited by the World Trade Center Denver.

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