Colorado Economic Development Commission Adds David Dragoo

The Colorado Economic Development Commission announces the appointment of David Dragoo, Founder and President of Colorado Outdoors. Dragoo was appointed by Colorado Sen. Leroy M. Garcia, Jr., Senate President.

The Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC) works to promote economic development throughout Colorado. The appointed members are responsible for reviewing the current economic condition of Colorado, then developing and implementing programs that promote the economic development of the state. The emphasis is on employment opportunities, incentives and the overall support of Colorado businesses. 

Senate President Garcia stated, “Dragoo will be able to apply his direct experience supporting Colorado’s economy and growth, especially in areas like the Western Slope that have incredible potential in the outdoor industry. We look forward to seeing the initiatives he will create with the other commission members.” 

“David Dragoo is a great addition to the Colorado Economic Development Commission,” added Betsy Markey, Executive Director for the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade. “His work with Colorado Outdoors has been transformative for the Montrose region and we look forward to him applying that same energy to other parts of Colorado.” 

Dragoo is one of three Senatorial appointees. Colorado’s House of Representatives also appoints three individuals and the remaining five Gubernatorial appointments round out the full 11 person commission. 

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