Paletas LLC (DBA - Chupacabra Paletas)

We are an immigrant latino owned wholesale company that manufactures and distributes hand made Michoacán Mexican style paletas. We are proud to offer 20 different flavors to over 30 different concepts around the Denver Metro Area, Fort Collins, Greeley, Steamboat Springs, and Silverthorne. The majority of our product uses fresh fruit, fresh dairy, and pure cane sugar. We also make fruit, water, and sugar based ones that are 100% vegan. You can find our branded freezers that display the product in other small businesses which include local restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, barbershops, and ice cream shops. I believe having our paletas complements these concepts by offering a locally made artisan dessert. In addition to wholesaling, We have also participated in many local events, markets, parties, and venues in which I have been able to promote and sell my product directly to consumers.
We would like to be recognized as a local company that is bringing Latin American culture to Colorado. Our vision is to introduce a consistent quality product into a market that is craving and deserves something more than just big name ice cream brands, that offer lesser value and service in the products that they sell. We are providing Michoacan Mexican-style paletas through an unconventional brand design and business model that delivers a fun new age twist on a traditional frozen treat product.
1600 N Grant St. Denver, CO 80203
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Michel Alexander Polania Sanchez